Fundamental of Health Awareness

Fundamental of Health Awareness -
Now a days most people much awake about their health but they don't know what are the right steps to maintain a good health.
A healthy body helps a person develops his or her personality and only a healthy person can give his best and can perform well on any task assigned to him.

Fundamental of health awareness

Here has some Basic Tips to Health Awareness :

  1. Do regular exercises like Yoga, running, gym and etc.
  2. Avoid junk foods, because it harms in many different ways to our body. It increases our cholesterol level from normal to 5 times.
  3. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses in a day.
  4. Don't drink alcohol too much, alcohol is good until alcohol drinking by you.
  5. A person becomes aware of his health status if he or she undergoes regular check ups like eye, ear, teeth, height and weight, blood pressure and etc.
  6. Make a ratio of snack, lunch and dinner time table (3:2:1).
  7. Means if in the morning times you are eating 3times of food, then eat food afternoon 2times of morning snack and in the dinner only eat 1 time of morning snack.

So this is just basic and fundamental tips to maintain a good health.

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