Home remedies for Osteoarthritis

Home remedies for Osteoarthritis :
The pain of arthritis is so fast that the person does not have to worry about moving and knees. Swelling also occurs in the place of pain as well as pain in the knees. Your greatest sympathy is to give relief from this pain Diet and home remedies. Let's see how home remedies in arthritis are the safest treatments.

Occasionally there is a fever due to pain, and even the size of the joints becomes crooked. Some people are so tired of choking round the hospitals that they accept to live with this disease.

Arthritis patients have more problems in cold weather, so they should make every effort to avoid cold. In this disease, doctors advise you to pay special attention to diet because whatever you eat affects your health directly. To protect against arthritis, your diet should contain glucosamine and conradytine sulfate. Glucosamine and candratin are good for sulfate bones and cartilage.

Home remedies for Osteoarthritis

Symptoms of osteoarthritis:
  • Symptoms of osteoarthritis vary from one patient to another. There are mostly symptoms to be found.
  • Pain in the joints, which increases in the evening after a day of activity.
  • After prolonged use or long rest, pain in the affected area of ​​the joint.
  • Pain and stiffness after prolonged inactivity, which goes immediately when it is moving.
  • Muscle weakness and difficulty in rotating joint.
  • Balance due to pain and stiffness, physiognomy And walking conditions fall.
  • Inflammation in the affected joint.
  • Sometimes the method of working can also change, because the muscles become more weak and the stability of the joints structures decreases.
  • Swelling of affected joints can be notified automatically, swelling can also be rigid or soft (due to excess fluid in joints). Muscles around the joints may appear thin and weak.
  • Some people also have some changes according to the weather, which make the situation stronger, especially during the rainy days.
  • In more severe cases, there is no change in pain, this sleep impedes and also causes problems in performing other daily activities. For example, if osteoarthritis has affected the joints of hips and knees, then difficulties and pain are experienced in such activities as climbing stairs or standing on the chair.

Osteoarthritis causes:
As a part of normal life, your joints come in contact with low levels of continuous loss. In most cases your body cures loss itself and you do not experience any kind of symptoms.
But in osteoarthritis, the protective cartilage made at the tip of the bones is broken, due to which there is inflammation, pain, and there is a problem in moving and joints. This causes bones to grow and the affected place becomes red and it starts swelling.
The real reason for this is still unknown, but there are some things that increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis such as:
  • Ages: Along with aging, the risk of developing Osteoarthritis also increases.
  • Joints injury: Use joints more than limited limits, when there is not enough time to recover after injury or operation.
  • Family problem: In the Osteoarthritis family, its risk increases in the other person also.
  • Obesity: Due to excessive obesity, excessive weight gain on joints of knees, ankles and hip etc.
  • Other circumstances: Due to some condition like gout, the joint can be severely damaged, causing joint pain. Any activity that stresses your joints

A good diet in arthritis:
  • Include 25 percent fruits and vegetables in your diet and keep in mind that you will not be constipated.
  • Fruit, seasonal, banana, apple, pomace, coconut, watermelon and melon may be good for you.
  • Take radish, carrot, fenugreek, cucumber, cucumber etc. among the vegetables.
  • Use brittle flour because it contains high amounts of fiber.
Home remedies for Osteoarthritis:
Exercise - Exercises that increase the stress in joints or those exercises that cause excess weight, do not do those exercises, running or weightlifting etc. Exercise like floating or cycling, instead of doing them. Apart from this, you can also exercise where your joints are better supported and stress is more controlled on your joints.

Posture - Maintaining a good and safe posture can prevent it from staying in the same situation for a long time. If you work on sitting in a chair, make sure that your chair is on a high altitude, and keep moving around from time to time.

Reduce weight - Due to fat or increase in weight, the body gets stress in the joints, due to which the risk of osteoarthritis also increases. If your weight is high, then the risk of developing this condition can be reduced by reducing weight.
Sunbath - You can take a sunbath during the pain.

Fenugreek - Make powder of 5 to 10 grams of fenugreek seeds and take it with water in the morning.
Garlic - Take 4 to 5 garlic buds in a bowl and boil and drink.
Massaging the garlic juice with camphor also provides relief from pain.

Red Oil - Massaging with red oil is also comfortable.

Turmeric - Mix turmeric in hot milk and drink it two to three times a day.

Hot Vinegar - Massage the hot vinegar on the area affected by pain before sleeping.
Keep the amount of water balanced in the body.
Yoga Asana - Best to avoid joint pain. Yogasana is a Good Asana.

Osteoarthritis has no cure, but its condition can be improved from time to time.

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