Home remedies to relief from Stomach Pain

Home remedies to relief from Stomach Pain:
Due to the bad habit of eating and due to unhealthy diet many times tension in the stomach causes a lot of anxiety. With this, even if the diarrhea is started, then the condition of the human being decayed. The main cause of pain in the stomach or jerk is our diet only. Due to the wrong diet, our digestive system is affected and many times our stomach starts getting worse. The cause of this pain can be stomach gas, indigestion, acidity, constipation, stomach flu, food poisoning etc. This tumor, which arises in the stomach, can be cured by some easy home remedies.
Home remedies to relief from Stomach Pain
 Relief from Stomach Pain

Stomach pain Symptoms:
  • Fever
  • Dormancy
  • Inability to pass the stool, especially if
  • you are getting vomit
  • Vomiting blood
  • Stools
  • Shortness of breath
  • Painful or abnormally frequent
  • urination
  • Pain during pregnancy
  • Tummy feeling
  • Pain in the stomach due to injury
  • Pain stay for several days

Stomach pain main causes:
  • Not properly examining food
  • Gasify
  • To be constricted
  • The stomach's temperatureI Imbalances are the main causes of stomach ache.

Here are the best tips Home remedies to relief from Stomach pain:
Fenugreek seeds - Fenugreek is beneficial for digestion and it also contains plenty of fiber, so it is beneficial in stomach jar. Eating of fenugreek seeds and yogurt reduces stomach ache. Take a yogurt in a bowl for this and grind the fenugreek seeds and mix it well. You can also add a little black salt to taste. Consumption of this curd will benefit the stomach jar. Removes indigenous ghee.

Use of radish - Radish is also beneficial in gutting up in the stomach. Peel the radish well to it and then cut it into small pieces. Now put a little black salt or rock salt on these pieces and sprinkle black pepper. It will ease your stomach pain shortly after eating it.

Asafoetida also is beneficial - As well as asafetida in the stomach is also a better solution. It is easy and good to use asafetida in stomach pain, especially for young children. Grind two grams of asafoetida and swallow it with half a glass of water. Spoon small children with spoon and apply onion on the navel. Doing so relaxes the tissue in the stomach.
Isabgol - Many times the cause of tingling in the stomach may be indigestible. In this case, Isabgol is beneficial for you. Isabgol not only relieves pain but also diarrhea and it cleanses the intestines well. For this, add two spoons of ashbugol in a bowl of yogurt, or by breaking a sweets and eating ashbugol and eat it.

Celery use - Celery cures stomach and improves acidity. It consumes the benefits of almost all stomach disorders. Fry the celery on the pan to tie the stomach. After this, add rock salt or black salt in it and take three grams of water in it with water. Drinking twice a day will tie your stomach right away.

Honey - Take 1 teaspoon of honey. Add 1/4 teaspoon grated cumin seeds to it. Take 1 or 2 times of the day to cure stomach ache.
Pudina - Take 1 teaspoon of dry pudina powder. Mix 1 tablespoon sugar (sugar) in it.
Taking its frankie with 1 glass of hot water can cure stomach ache.
Nautical - Take 1 teaspoon pounded of nautical. Add 1/2 pinch of asafetida in it. Add 1/4 teaspoon black salt in it as well. Take this mixture with lukewarm water. It cures stomach pain.

In this post covered the information about relief from Stomach pain.
Every part of our body is very sensible so we have to care of this part. From all part of our body the stomach part is very important for us, if we will not care then every disease will begin from this part…
My request to all care your Stomach…

Because you know very well... Health is our Wealth.
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