Home remedies to save Liver

Home remedies to save Liver:
Liver is essential for survival. This is a store house where iron, vitamins and mineral deposits. It has great importance in body metabolism. This makes bile lus, which helps in digesting food. There are many types of work such as detoxification and protein synthesis. Biochemicals are essential to digest food. Liver keeps energy within itself. Here is a gathering of sugar (carbohydrates, glucose, fats) and with its help, it works like a battery. Here blood cells are formed. It stores protein, accumulates blood in the event of an accident or injury, so that more bleeding does not lead to weakness. This also protects against the effects of toxic substances and germs. Liver works like a chemical factory and the effect of any explosion in it falls on the whole body.

Food cleansing of liver such as garlic, onions, whole grains, plum and green tea are considered very good. I will tell you some helpful tips so that you can save your liver.

Home remedies to save Liver
Home remedies to save Liver

Liver diseases:
Hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallstones, hydatid cyst, carcinoma, liver disease. Bacteria, viral, protozoal infections destroy the liver tissue, causing problems such as indigestion, gallstones, jaundice and bleeding disorders.
To keep the liver healthy, the diet should contain carbohydrate (50-60 percent), vegetable protein (25-30 percent) and fat (10-20 percent). Liver infection is responsible for substantial eating habits such as junk food, high chilly-spices, smoking and alcohol.

Why is losing:
For a healthy liver, a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat is necessary. It can be harmed by any excessive of any one. As much as 40 percent of the body should feed in the form of food, it should be of fruits and vegetables, so that the body gets the fiber, fat absorption is done properly and the digestion is smooth.

Be assured
  • If there is no smoking or alcohol addiction.
  • Do not take red meat or saturated fat.
  • Do regular exercises.
  • The digestive tract may not be obstructed.
  • Take a balanced diet and apply hepatitis vaccine.
Be alert
  • If there is frequent fever or infection.
  • Drugs are consumed during any illness.
  • Smoke or alcohol take more.
  • Jaundice has happened.
  • Have fatigue or lethargy.
Go to hospital immediately
  • If the stomach has swelling or persistent fever.
  • Do not feel hungry and have vaginal.
  • The symptoms of jaundice and not the control.
  • Feeling excessive thirst or urination.
  • Hands and feet begin to become cold, breathing problem.

Home remedies to save Liver:
Sulfur rich in foods - Liver produces enzymes that are used in all parts of the body. Eat sulfur-rich foods like vegetables such as sprouted grains, leaf cabbage and broccoli help the liver to produce enzyme.

Olive oil - While cooking, keep the flame moderately and use olive oil in it. It will not make free radicals in the body and no cell will be damaged.

Consumption of organic food items - Always eat organic food items. They contain less pesticides and are also natural. Chemicals and insecticides are accumulated in the liver, which is very difficult to get out.

Vitamin - It is important to have a vitamin and mineral diet in your healthy diet. So eat like food, carrots, broccoli, almonds, potatoes, and so on.

Meditation on carbohydrates - Most carbohydrates feed the fat in the lever. So eat less salt and carbohydrate diets.

Reduce coffee - If you drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day, start drinking 8-12 glasses of water instead.

In this post covered the information about home remedies to save Liver.
To save liver you have to follow the above tips. Because you know very well…
Health is our Wealth.

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