Home treatment for Children Cough

Home treatment for Children cough:
Due to a little cold or dampness in the rain, children become cough and cold. At the same time, New Born Baby does not know how many times cough and cold in the whole year. Children also get rained due to contaminated air or infection.
Parents kill these mistakes, children's appetites: Show up to a doctor or ask chemists and take medicines. However, in many studies this has also revealed that many times problems have been caused by giving over-the-counter medicines to children. Apart from this, children also try to drink these bitter medicines, after that they may come to more diseases with the  side effects. So here we are telling you some tips that can help you get rid of cough from cold.

Home treatment for Children Cough
Home treatment for Children Cough

Here are the top tips to avoid Children cough:
Change your children Clothes according to season.

Keep yourself and your child's hands clean - Keep yourself and your child's hands clean at regular intervals with antibacterial baby wipes or soaps. If you think this is useful or there is someone in the family who says that he does not believe in it, then I tell you why it is important.
It helps from germ spreading. Now you do not want to make this situation worse.
Throughout the day, you will meet and talk to many people and this means that you will also exchange lots of bacteria and germs. During the illness, the body's immune system is not as strong - which means that it It is also sensitive to diseases. Therefore, do not forget to follow this activity at least until it does not improve its health.

Keep the child's head up - When your child sleeps, then try to keep his head up. This helps him in breathing properly. Also, remove any such thing from her bed, cradle or swing so that she may have trouble breathing.
Children older than 6 months

Honey - If a child aged one year or less is suffering from cold, honey is his safe treatment. Mix one spoon of lemon juice with 2 spoons of raw honey. After 2-3 hours, give the baby a little bit. Drink a glass of hot milk, honey and drink relief in dry cough and chest pain. There is no side-effects or side-effects of honey use for children's cough relief.

Ginger - Cook half a cup of 6 cups finely chopped ginger strain and 2 small pieces of cinnamon on a low flame for 20 minutes. After this, filter it and mix it with honey and drink the baby 3 to 4 times a day. Mix equal amount of warm water to children under 1 year of age. Otherwise, take a piece of ginger, mix it in honey and mix it with honey and give it a kiss. This also makes a big difference.

Ginger and Basil mix - Grind both ginger and basil to grill the juice. Put honey and give it to your baby.

Lemon - In one embroidery, lemon juice of 4 lemons should be strapped with its peel and a spoonful of ginger. Add water to it so that all the ingredients are immersed in water. Decoze the mixture for 10 minutes. Then separate the water later. Now add the same amount of hot water to the liquid drink and honey for taste. Give the kids 3-4 times a day to drink. Note that honey is mixed in place of sugar for children under one year of age.

Turmeric paste - Mix turmeric powder with little water to make paste. Take it in a cobble and heat it. After being hot, remove it from the flame. Apply light hot paste on the baby's chest, forehead and feet. The heat of turmeric can absorb mucus, thus giving the child relief from cold cough.

Turmeric milk - This is popular treatment and is very effective for dry cough. It is prepared in a glass of milk and pinch of turmeric is prepared by boiling it. Turmeric is known for its therapeutic properties and it helps in faster relief in fighting disease. Hot milk also helps in providing good and comfortable sleep for your baby.

Hot Mustard Oil Massage - Heat the mustard oil and make it warm with two garlic buds. Put it on the child's chest, under the nose, behind the feet and palms. Massage with light hand.
After massage you can wipe extra oil.

Rasam - Tomatoes and garlic soup are also called rasam  and it can be given to children aged 7 months and above. It is very popular in the treatment of cold-cough in South India. The materials to be added in it help improve disease resistance and help your child recover. This remedy is also  very tasty, you can check it in the recipe.

White onion juice - During the month of April-May, the white onion grown in North India is also called 'white onion'. It is known for its medicinal benefits. Remove the white onion juice and give your child 1 teaspoon. It helps to relieve the cold, cough and closed nose.

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