Home treatment to relief from headache

Home treatment to relief from headache :
Tension and headache have become a common disease in today's fast paced life and busy lifestyles. There are always many types of headache. The contractions in blood vessels in the head, the abnormal activity of the nervous system, the excessive smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of water in the body, excessive sleep for a long time, excessive use of painkillers, colds and fever, There are many reasons, which lead to headache.

Here it is important to know that the general headache and migraine headaches are different. Headache is a major problem in migraine and it is also a serious disease. Early allopathic painkillers in headache or any kind of headache are harmful for food, because eating more pen killer leads to kidney and liver damage.

It is better than allopathic medicines that we try some such home remedies, which not only relaxes the headache, but also eliminates it from the root, without any side effects.

Home treatment to relief from headache
Home treatment to relief from headache

Symptoms to headache:
  • High blood pressure
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Drink lots of wine
  • To be stressed
  • Absence of stomach
  • Feeling illness
  • Due to cold

Reasons to headache:
1. When a person feels pressure on himself about something or is confused about any situation or circumstance.
2. The problem of rebound headache may be due to taking a few days of special medicines. There are many diseases in which the medicines run for long periods of time, in this case it can affect the brain. This type of headache stops itself with the closure of medicines.

3. Toothache also affects the nerves of the head. Teeth and head nerves go on the jaw, causing teeth and heads to connect to each other. Thereby causing pain in the head due to any kind of pain in the tooth.

4. People of tea and coffee, if they do not get tea at the time, can also complain of headaches.
5. Some people complain of headaches as they wake up in the morning, while after some time it gets cured automatically. Sometimes there may be headache in the morning due to lack of good night sleep or hungry stomach.

6. The may be headaches due to any problems in the eyes, weak eyes, wear glasses or disturbances in contact lenses. Any such problem which causes stress on the eyes, may be due to headache. In such a situation, if a person is troubled by headache, he must also check his eyes.
7. Some people may also complain of headaches due to eating ice cream or very cold things. After eating ice cream or very cold things, heaviness is felt between the forehead and the headache starts. This type of pain starts immediately after eating ice cream.

Common treatments to relief from headache:
  1. Apart from taking tablets, you can also massage the head. It is difficult to massage your own head in this condition, but 60% of the pain is gone immediately. You can also go to a spa and feel relaxed by having a massage from an experienced person.
  2. Treatment of headache, drink plenty of water and drink water in regular intervals. The lack of water in the body also causes headache problems. By drinking water the body is healthy and it also causes the toxic elements of the body to come out. Drink water all day long. If you are drinking water then take the fruit juice in between.
  3. Treat headache, drink 1 cup hot tea or coffee. This is a fairly old method of removing headache. As soon as you have a headache problem, immediately prepare 1 cup of coffee and drink it. Remember that do not shoot with tea or coffee. Take caffeine before or after taking the pill.
  4. Home remedies for pain, dipping your feet in hot water also provides relief from headache. This is strange but true. In fact, when you immerse your feet in hot water, it reduces the pressure in your blood vessel. If the pain is more than you can mix mustard oil in the water.
  5. When the main cause of your headache is stress then try to put a hot seat on your head or neck. Gaining heat causes the affected muscles of your head to open and you feel very refreshed.
  6. You can also use cold padding after transmitting heat on your neck and head. Cold cushions contract your blood vessels and this reduces the pressure on your most sensitive nerves.
  7. Use essential oils, whose fragrance is quite good. Massage your head and other affected areas by this oil. Once the massage is done, lie down and try to absorb the oil fragrance inside it. This will ease your stress and you will be very relaxed.
  8. The cause of headache, changes in your diet can get rid of your headache. Some special meals affect your heart's pain and its severity. Among them are milk products such as peanut butter, banana, avocado and citrus fruits. Yeast or pickled food are also included in these foods.
  9. Due to the cause of headache and due to excessive work, both your brain and body are exhausted, which can be very beneficial for stretching, rest, and long breathing in order to cure. Yoga also benefits you a lot for a few minutes daily. Take long breaths that begin with diaphragm and also fill in your lungs. It brings fresh oxygen to your blood and gives relief to your brain and body.
  10. Visiting the open air causes loose muscle in the muscles that cause headache. It also removes your attention from the pain of your head. Enjoying fresh air and outside views, the body and mind are completely refreshed.
  11. Due to headaches and remedies, if you are having a headache due to anxiety, changes in currencies can make a big difference. Sitting for many hours in the wrong posture increases headache. If you have to sit for a long time, try to sit in a comfortable posture on the tanakar, in which the shoulder should be backwards, chest open and the throat should not hang on the front.

Home remedies to relief from headache:
  1. Lavender oil - The treatment of headache is a very effective home remedies for lavender oil headaches and migraine treatment. You can remove your pain by smelling it or putting it in the head.
  2. Mint oil - Mint oil is also an effective treatment to repair headache due to anxiety and stress. The powerful properties present in this oil assist you in running the body's blood circulation smoothly. Typically headache or migraine is the main reason why blood circulation is not effective. Mint oil acts as the opening and closing of blood veins, with the help of blood flow. It also opens your sinus, which in turn leads to oxygen in your blood.
  3. Basil oil - Basil oil is very aromatic and powerful, and it is used in cooking. This oil obtained from basil leaves proves to be a very effective treatment for removing your headache. Basil serves to provide relief to your muscles, so it proves to be very effective in correcting the pain of the head becoming due to muscle strain or stress.
  4. Red chillies - Red chillies play a significant role in not only removing headaches but also in troubleshooting every type of pain and discomfort. Mix 5 spoons red chilli powder in 4 ounces hot water. Now dip it in a cotton cloth and rub it in both the forehead and the nostrils of your nose till you feel a kind of irritation.
  5. Almond - Almonds prove to be a great recipe for removing your headache. It plays the role of the painter, because it is present in salicin. Whenever you feel a little bit of pain in your head, start eating one or two almonds.
  6. Feverfew plant - You can also remove headache, especially migraine feverfew plants. Research proves that this plant helps in relieving anxiety and relieves pain and irritation.
  7. Mustard Oil - Mustard oil is particularly effective in the headache. Put a few drops of mustard oil in the nose on the side of the forehead, and then push the breaths upwards. This will provide a lot of relief from headache. If you have a headache, take the oil in the nose by lying on the bed and hanging down the part of the bed under the bed.
  8. Cinnamon - Grinding cinnamon with water and finely diluted on the forehead gives great relief to the headache. Remove the lip after drying it. Headache stopped after applying three to four times.
  9. Pushkar Mool - Pushkar's original is a natural herb. Grate it like sandalwood and apply it on the head. Applying the coating on the forehead brings great relief to the headache.
  10. Muthiah (Mulethi) - Ms. Lady works a lot in Headache. Make a powder by grinding it and stir it. Take this powder near the nose and smell it. This will make headache touching.
  11. Fennel-Peeple-Saute (Saunf, Peepal and Mulethi) - Make powder by mixing peepal leaves, gum, alum and fennel. After that, add one tamarind water to this powder and make a thick paste. Apply this coating on the forehead. Headache will end.
  12. Lemon Water - Drinking plenty of alcohol often causes people to become hangover. There is a very sharp headache in the hangover. Lemonade works a lot in such a situation. Drinking excessive alcohol leads to lack of water in the body and drinking lemonade also reduces the amount of water in the body and the headaches are also cured.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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