Top 10 Tips to care of Eyes

Top 10 Tips to care of Eyes:
With eyes you see the world. Examine the world, check it out. The beauty of the world is seen only by the eyes of the ugliness. Eyes are always active like your heart If you get tired then your eyes will also get tired. Eyes will also fall sick. But you do not have the time. If you take some precautions about the eyes, then you will be left out of the glasses and your eyes will always be safe.

Keep the proper distance from the screen
People use mobile, laptops, computers in the days of internet, throughout the day. Your eyes are not necessarily your work, so gadgets are not addictive.
If your work does not work without them, after every hour, spray clean water on your eyes. It gives eyes relief.

Top 10 Tips to care of Eyes
Why using glass... Follow the steps.!
  1. Protection from UV light: Sunglasses prevent retinal damage. They also protect the delicate skin of the eyelid to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. They can help reduce the risk of eye related problems such as cataracts, pinguica, and spinal degeneration. Wear good quality sunglasses which block UV rays by 99-100%.
  2. Take care of food: Increase the use of green leaves and salads in the food. Many benefits for the spinach eyes are dim.Include foods like carrots, beetroot, orange and green leafy vegetables in your regular diet. Rich foods such as salmon and tuna are very effective in reducing dangerous spotty degeneration in omega-3 fatty acids. Antioxidants can reduce the risk of glaucoma. Make the food always fresh. Take 5 to 10 grams of gulkand with milk.
  3. Bliss for the eyes is Amla: Amla is also very helpful in enhancing eyesight. It is also easily available so take it regularly. Amla is the most beneficial for the other way, put two glasses of water in a vessel at night and put a handful of amla in it. Scour the gooseberry on the second day. Drink a pinch of fenugreek seeds in the mouth and drink half the water. Take the eyes from the rest. This prescription will increase the eyesight and not constipation.
  4. Quit Smoking: Tobacco smoking is associated with many adverse health effects, including direct eye problems. There is also high risk of smoking cataract and the development of speckle degeneration. It can cause optic nerve damage, which can lead to blindness.
  5. In the morning and evening with bare feet should walk on the green grass. With this, the eyes are covered with coolness and the light is also read.
  6. Eyes should wash with cold water 4 to 5 times a day. The person who is sitting in front of the computer for long periods of work should rest his eyes with eyes closed in a little while.
  7. Running the eye far away is a good habit. Choose a center that is far away from your eyes. Look at it carefully, do it for 5 minutes. Take this process for a few days. Do not wear glasses.
  8. Use sunglasses to protect against high bright sunlight and sunlight. It will also be beneficial while running the vehicle.
  9. Drink copper water everyday in the morning as it palced in the night.
  10. Focus your eyes towards the nose. After a few minutes see the other object. The exercise will increase the eyesight by doing it ten times in the morning, while the eyeglasses will start to descend.

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