Top 10 Tips to never get Kidney stones

Top 10 Tips to never get Kidney stones: The problem of kidney stones has started growing rapidly nowadays. Every person has a problem of fifty people on an average calculus. Calculus goes between 20 to 50 years of age. And which is growing rapidly. Stress problems are more common in women than men. The main reason for the calculus is that there are several reasons for mineral and hydrochloric, kidney failure, lack of water, low quantity of drinking water, no workout, food, food and food. Kidney stone unbearable pain/ Kidney Stone Pain bothers the person. Approach the calculus can be a big danger in the urinary tract. If you complain of stones, get advice from the doctor immediately, take treatment.
Kidney Stones Symptoms
There are several symptoms of Kidney stones: such as irritation of urine, odor in urine, lack of appetite, sharp pain while urinating, pain in lower (left or right) part of the stomach, stomach ache, dizziness, vomiting, sudden fever The main characteristics of stone stones are considered.

Top 10 Tips to never get Kidney stones
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Top 10 Tips to never get Kidney stones

Here are the Top 10 Tips to never get kidney stones :
  1. Apple vinegar - The apple vinegar is helpful in destroying the stone, the apple vinegar melts the stone and the stone comes out of the urine. The apple vinegar can also be consumed by a healthy person easily. The apple vinegar does not allow hydrochloric and sodium acid to accumulate in the kidney. That's why in Ayurveda, apple vinegar is considered to be the best of the kidneys. Heat 4 teaspoons of apple oil in 4 teaspoons of water and soak it in clean cotton cloth and place it in a rocky place. This gives instant relief in stone pain.
  2. Drinking Water - Drink water when you have a stone, and drink water even when you do not feel thirst, water is helpful in extracting the stone out of urine. And with constant drinking water, the likelihood of the calculation of the stone remains equal.
  3. Horse Gram - Kuli dal or gahhath pulse works as a panacea for stones, combine the kuliye well and wash it with lukewarm water in lukewarm water at night, drinking water from empty stomach kuli in the morning instantly benefits and one After consuming the spoonful of the spoonful cumin seeds, the stone stone slowly decreases and comes out with urine in 20 to 25 days. Drink cottage water every day daily 4 times a day The healthy person should also take 2 to 3 times of calf dal and cloves in the month. The chances of stone from Kuliathi are equal to no.
  4. Onion Juice - Peel the two onion, stir and let it boil for 10 minutes in a light flame, after cooling down the water three times a day, it is able to reach the stones. Medicinal properties are found on the onion, which serves as a medicine for the patient.
  5. Juice & Liquid Foods - When cataract, coconut water, carrot, bitter gourd, grapes in fruit, banana, nibud, pineapple juice, grapes, onions, salads, salami, chelai greens, along with the routine, helps in stomach melting and urine out of the way. is. Magnesium, vitamin B6, phosphorus, oxalic acid, calcium, vitamins and mineral are found in sufficient quantities in the said juice and liquid, which is a special drug capable of stopping stone. Those Foods to avoid with Kidney Stones - Avoid taking tomato, spinach, chawl, cabbage brinjal, mushrooms, peanuts, cold drinks, cashews, caffeine, chocolate, meat-meat, alcohol and gutkha. All these things can promote stones.
  6. Barley for Kidney Stones - If there is a lotus in the morning, it is possible to drink stones quickly after drinking barley water every morning. Put 200 grams of barley in 3 liters of water and give it to the night. Remove the water by filtering in the morning. And empty stomach in the morning, 15-20 minutes before lunch, drink barley water 10 minutes before bedtime. Barley water intake is beneficial in stone problem. Many healthy drinks are made from barley. Barley is no less than any medicine.
  7. Miracle Patharchatta Leaf for Kidney Stones - Patharchatta for Kidney Stone / Stoneware leaves are cheaper to bladder Stone is the absolute panacea. After having a worm stone every morning, stomach stomach stomach 4-5 soft leaves continuously for 1 month after eating chewing and grinding stones and basil leaves and mixing 8-10 spoons of juice in 1 liter of water twice a day, Slowly falls out of the urine in the form of pissed form. Patharchatta leaves / Patharchatta leaf intake is the perfect panacea for rapidly destroying the stone from the prostate sac. Stoneware leaves seem like sours and snacks in taste. Cockroach leaves can also be used in vegetable, salad. String leaves are helpful in removing Kidney Stones.
  8. Bitter Gourd and Radish Salad - Bitter gourd and radish lettuce prevents the formation of an acidic crystal in the wormwood. Magnesium, phosphorus is present in abundance in bitter gourd and radish. Eat bananas after 1 hour of bitter gourd and salad intake. Barella, radish salad, banana kisar are helpful in reducing the stone.
  9. Kidney Stones for Varuna Tree Chaal, Gokharu Kadha - Grind 100 grams of bunting and gram of 100 grams of Varuna with fine griddle and prepare froth in light flame and drink fresh and fresh. The decoction of bunions and Varun bark is helpful in reducing the wormwood.
  10. Goose bladder stones in the fleshy flowers, leaves / Hibiscus Powder used for Kidney Stone Treatment - It is not possible to remove stones without any medicines and appraises when the stone cheeks are in bladder. But with the help of Ayurvedic medicines, every kind of stone can be eradicated by reducing the appraisal of stones without roots. If the stones are on the cheeks bladder, then take coconut flour powder half a teaspoon with warm water every morning with lukewarm water. And take 1 hour before bedtime. Do not drink anything for 4-5 hours after taking a flower flower. Gudhal funk is very beneficial while sleeping at night. In just 20-25 days, cheek bladder stones decrease gradually. And stone may be destroyed. Gudhal flower funk for cheek bladder stones is considered a true medicine. Gooseberry, leaves are found in flower powder, Pansani, herb shop. Or you can order online

In this way the kidney stones can be erased gradually by the above mentioned domestic Ayurvedic methods. And in a few days you can get rid of the kishan stone without any operation. If worn stone is in serious condition then get advice and treatment from doctor immediately.

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