Top 10 Tips to stay always Hydrated

Top 10 Tips to stay always Hydrated : Dehydration is of likely 2 types *Food dehydration *skin dehydration. In the summer season, most problems are dehydration, because this season our body needs the most water. Due to lack of water in the body people become ill.
But nowadays in every season peoples are suffering from dehydration, so don't worry how you will be always Hydrated I will tell you.

Top 10 Tips to stay always Hydrated

Here are the Top 10 Tips to stay always Hydrated :

  1. Cucumber - The largest water content (96.7%) of the total salted food is in the cucumber. You can eat it as a salad. In Indian food, it is eaten as curd, as well as cucumber soup can be eaten. This food maintain the water percentage in your body.
  2. Lush melon - The lush melon contains low calorie intake, whereas the amount of nutrient content is very high. One-fourth of the melon contains only 50 calories, but vitamin A and C remains complete according to the body's requirement. It contains more than 90 percent water. Which keeps you always hydrated.
  3. Root vegetables - Radish, carrot, beetroot etc are come under all root vegetables, in which water content is more than 95 percent. You can eat them as a salad in the summer, this will improve your stomach and the lack of water in the body will not be felt.
  4. Watermelon - It is quite typical that watermelons have high amount of water. It has about 92 percent water content. Watermelon is considered to be the best source of a lycopene, which protects us from cancer. Lycopene is commonly found in red colored fruits and vegetables.
  5. Broccoli - The broccoli, which looks like a cauliflower, can be eaten by making salads or vegetables. It has more than 90 percent water content. Which fulfills the lack of water in our body. Apart from this, fiber, potassium and vitamins are found in abundance in broccoli.
  6. Avoid hot water on face - When you are showering, do not let the water stream pour directly on your face. This is too harsh on your skin, causing micro tears, dryness.
  7. In the morning don't clean the face because the cleanser have high molecules and that may damage your skin.
  8. Use natural humectants and occlusives in your skin - Some of the best natural humectants are aloe Vera, glycerine and etc.
  9. Use a mix of good aloe Vera gel or rose water and an oil find works to keep your skin hydrated, so apply the aloe vera gel first, wait for 20 seconds to absorb it and then apply a thin layer of oil. If you are using rose water then spray it to your face, let it air dry ( you can repeat for few times ), when your skin is just moist after that apply the thin layer of oil.
  10. Drink enough water - Make it easy, how! Get a nice glass or stainless steel bottle you can always carry with you. If you don't like to drink plain water, drink infused water or herbal teas. Consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids - This is a huge, but often overlooked. Essential fatty acids can't made the body. So we need to obtain it through diet. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevents from drying and flaking.

These are the Top 10 Tips to stay always Hydrated.

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