Home treatment to ear infection

Home treatment to ear infection:
The ear is one of those senses in our body, which is very fragile. That's why we should take care of it very well. If its cleanliness is not taken care of then it can take the form of a terrible infection. If the treatment of ear infections is not done on time, then it is also difficult to hear slowly. Most children are victims of this disease.
If the accumulation of fluid with mucus occurs inside the ear, then this infection is called infection. Ear infection is due to bacterial and viral infections. This infection is quite troublesome.
This problem occurs in children more than adults. There are many reasons for this, such as food allergy, wax making or changes in the environment, colds, cold water, injury or injury surrounding it, pimples or wounds, scarring, infection or allergic pain in general irritation.Sometimes there may be ear infections due to lack of nutrition or injury.

Home treatment to ear infection
Home treatment to ear infection

Ear Infection Symptoms:
  • During bathing or for any other reason, such as roaming in the rain, when the water enters ear.
  • If you are allergic to something.
  • For many days if ear has not been cleaned.
  • If there is a transition due to dirt in ear.
  • In cold weather, when the ear is not covered with blooms or cold.
  • According to a research, people who smoke much, most likely to get an ear infection.
Many types of problems occur due to the infections of this type of angle, which is as follows:
  • Ejaculation
  • Less hearing.
  • Tense pain even when touching ear lightly.
  • Dissolve from ear
  • To hear strange sounds like a type of radio signal in ear.

Home treatment to ear infections:
Garlic - Cook garlic until oil is done. Take a drop of its droplets in the ears. Mix two drops of tea oil with two teaspoons olive oil and light hot water and mix them in the ear. After a while, clean the ear. In another way Garlic you can use garlic oil if you wish. In addition, boil the three buds of garlic for five minutes in water and then crush it finely and add salt to it. Keep this mixture in a clean cloth and keep it on the part of the ear.

Salt - Use of salt to avoid ear infections is very beneficial. Heat a cup of salt in a microwave, pan, for three to four minutes. Put the heated salt in a thick cloth and bind it with a rubber band. Keep these clothes from five to ten minutes on the affected area of ​​the ear. Take this process several times a day. This will ease the pain in the ear and infections of the ear.

Basile - It is good to use Basil to avoid ear infections. Crush the basil's four-five leaves well and remove the juice. This juice is in the ears.

Olive oil - The main cause of infection is the fungal and bacterial birth in the ear wax. Because of this, there is a problem with the closure of the ear. For this you can take the help of Olive Oil. Put a few drops of light olive oil in the ear. This will make the ear wax soft so you can easily remove it with the help of Cotton-tipped.

Hot water sauce - If there is an infection in the ear, soak hot water bottle as soon as possible. This will improve the ear infections gradually. If you want, you can also use warm compresses, or soak the clean cloth in warm water and apply the affected parts of the ear.

Tea Tree Oil - Tea oil contains antibacterial elements that remove ear infections. Add apple vinegar to Olive oil in three drops of Tea Tree Oil. After this lie down to the head. Insert this mixture into the ear with pain or infection with the help of dripper. Make this mixture three times a day.

Mango leaf juice - It is good to use mango leaves for ear problem. Crush the leaves of two or three mango, and remove the juice from it. Put this juice in the affected areas of the ear. In a while you will feel comfortable.

Steam - Take hot water in a vessel, cover it with a clean towel and place your affected ear slightly above the towels and dishes. From this, the steam emitting from warm water will treat the ear infections. By steam, the wax will soften and start coming out of the ear.

Probiotics - Food allergies can also cause ear infections. In this, probiotic intake strengthens the immune system. This gives the body beneficial bacteria that remove ear infections.

Lemon balm - With the help of lemon balm, ear infections can be cured soon. Antiseptic, antiviral element in it helps in the removal of infection. There is a lot of caution when lemon balm is needed.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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