Home treatment to liver cancer

Home treatment to liver cancer:
Liver cancer is the fifth place in the world where most deaths occur. Statistics show that two out of ten people are suffering from liver disease. Liver cancer is called hepatocellular carcinoma.

After forty, if lifestyle changes are not made while worrying about the health of the liver then the disease of the liver becomes severe after 60. Chronic Hepatitis C and Jaundice are more prone to liver cancer.

However, if there is pain in the upper and left part of the stomach, the stomach is bloated abnormally, the liver has grown, is not feeling hungry, weight loss, vomiting, the color of the eye and skin is quite yellow If it has been done then these liver can be signs of cancer.

If he is in the initial state, he can be controlled with home remedies, but if the merge is outdated then home remedies do not make any special difference.

Often the cells in the liver begin to grow indefinitely. Noise and malignant lumps begin to form in the liver. Which is the cirrhosis liver cancer encroरण. Inside the liver, the surrounding tissues / tissues begin to be destroyed and destroyed. Which is called liver cancer. Have Health Checkup Once a Year to Get Liver Health Changes in the body and liver from Jans can be easily detected on the diseases caused by symptoms. And the person becomes conscious of health. Which is helpful in eradicating early diseases. Health is precious. Always be aware of health.

Home treatment to liver cancer
Home treatment to liver cancer

Types of Liver Cancer:
  • Liver cancer is the mainly 5 types.
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma / Hepatoma
  • Fibrolammer H.C.
  • Angiosperms
  • Cholangiocarcinoma / ExtraHepatic
  • Hepatoblastoma

Liver Cancer Symptoms:
  • Lack of appetite suddenly.
  • Body weight event
  • Change the color of urine
  • Feeling tired of work
  • Body breakage and laziness
  • Pain in the stomach and swelling remain
  • Toxic liquid solidification in the liver.
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Tube bile ducts in liver
  • Feeling pain in the right shoulder, back and hands joints
  • Pain around the abdomen and the umbilical cord
  • Red rash on the skin and itching
  • The yellowing in the eyes and skin also indicate the liver infection.

Liver Cancer Causes:
  • Alcohol, smoking, gutkha, cough, drug use.
  • Hepatitis B, D infection.
  • Cirrhosis in liver tissues
  • Jaundice stay for more days
  • Drugs consumed for a long time
  • Junk Food, fried items and unhygienic food.
  • Obesity increases.
  • Keep the stones in the worm for a long time.
  • Berkout, Yoga, Exercise and No Outings

Liver Cancer Prevention:
Be Careful while Creating Sex - If you are having a physical relationship with someone who is affected by the Papillomavirus, then you may also get into it because this virus is spreading. Therefore, avoid making physical contact with any person, it can cause cancer.

Say no to alcohol and smoking - Alcohol and smoking also reduce the likelihood of liver cancer. Apart from this, consumption of alcohol leads to cirrhosis of the liver, which later causes cancer. So if possible, stay away from alcohol and smoking.

Take care of catering - Some types of cancers such as colon, breast and lung cancer that can spread to the liver can be related to your diet. It is advisable to balance the weight of your body and take a diet rich in fibrous and low-fat foods (saturated fat). Serve whole grains, cereals, vegetables and fruits for this.

Eat spinach - The spinach is of green tea-vegetable species. You will find its green leaves every month. It is used in salads, vegetables, soups. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which is most useful for digestion. Vitamin E is in sufficient quantity, which helps in preventing liver cancer.

Exercise regularly - By making exercise your routine not only helps prevent diseases, but if you are suffering from any disease, then it is also easily treated. To prevent dangerous disease like cancer, it is necessary to exercise regularly for 30-40 minutes.

Home treatment to may cure liver cancer by below given tips:
Pomegranate - It is beneficial to drink pomegranate peas in Liver Cancer. Drink pomegranate juice and eat pomegranate fruit

Antibiotic Garlic - Sulfur compounds are abundant in Garlic. Garlic is helpful in enzymes and in removing toxic substances. Wake up in the morning and eat empty stomach 3-4 garlic buds. Use garlic in vegetable, lentil, cinnamon.

Ginger - Use ginger vegetable, lentil, tea etc. to be used in the diet. Mix ginger with fine powder and mix half a teaspoon of honey and drink it once a day. Ginger is particularly helpful in preventing liver cancer in circulation.

Raw turmeric - Raw turmeric / Fresh Turmeric intake is beneficial in recovering liver cancer. Mix 4-5 drops of raw turmeric in the milk and take it in the evening in the evening. Raw turmeric intake is particularly helpful in fixing liver cancer. Use Kachi Haldi while preparing food in a litter. If raw turmeric is not there, then use turmeric powder.

Green Tea - Antioxidants and antibiotic properties are present in rich quantities in green tea. Green tea liver is helpful in reducing fat and gall infection.

Seasonal fruit juice (Grapefruit) - Liver cancer and liver fat gradually decrease due to the seasonal juice and weather intake. Seasonal chemical compound properties are found.

Avocado - Avocado is beneficial in reducing liver cancer and liver fat. Chemical compound in avocado is present in rich quantities. Avocado Liver Coagulation is helpful in reducing fat.

Basil leaves and basil drip - It is beneficial to consume basil leaves in removing liver diseases. And use basil drops in tea, milk, juice, curd, and use them. Basil digestion, liver is considered to be health special.

Green Coriander - Use green coriander lentils in vegetable meals. And drink about half a cup of coriander juice with a pinch of black salt. Coriander lever fat and liver are helpful in reducing the infection.

Lemon - Lemon liver is helpful in cancer prevention. Eat lemon in onion and cucumber salad and eat lemon. Vitamin C in lemon is present in rich quantities. Helping to clean lemon blood, control blood pressure and keep digestive system smooth.

Beetroot - Eat beet salad in liver cancer. And drink the beetroot juice daily. Sugar can help in reducing blood and reducing liver infections.

Other home remedies in liver cancer:
  • Drink raw coconut water
  • Soak barley grains in the night and In the morning, drink that barley grains water after filtered in the empty stomach.
  • Drink rock salt in buttermilk.
  • Fry the eggplant in the fire and eat it.
  • Sprouted gram should be eaten every morning.
  • Eat spicy vegetables of fenugreek and fenugreek leaves.
  • Drink carrot salad and carrot juice.
  • Eat in Tomato Juice and Tomato Salad
  • Eat spinach vegetables.
  • Eat onion juice and onion salad.
  • Drink lemonade
  • Keep the night shuddering and
  • Take a minute walk every morning in the evening.
  • Shed a lot of sweat.
  • Stay away from smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol, beer, coconut drinks, junk foods and unhealthy things.

Other treatment of liver cancer is done in the following ways:
Hepatectomy - In Hepatiti, a part of the liver or entire liver is removed. This surgery is usually done when the cancer is limited to the liver. Over time, the extracted portion increases again.

Liver transplant - In the liver transplant, a patient's bad liver is replaced with a healthy liver. This can only be done when the cancer is not spread to other organs. Medicines are given after transplantation to prevent rejection.

Ablation - In order to destroy cancer cells, heat or ethanol injection is used. In this, unconsciousness is used so that you do not feel pain. This is beneficial for those who do not have surgery or implants.

Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells. In this, medicines are given through the veins. Chemotherapy can be effective in the treatment of liver cancer but many people have other side effects, including vomiting, loss of appetite and chills during treatment. Chemotherapy can increase the risk of your infection.

Radiation therapy -Radiation radiation is used to kill cancerous cells in radiation therapy. There are two ways - external radiation or internal radiation

Targeted therapy - Targeted therapy has used specific drugs to kill cancer cells when they are weak. They reduce the growth of the tumor and help in tumors to stop blood supply. This is used for those who do not have hepatectomy or liver transplantation. However, there may be significant side effects of targeted therapy.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.
The above given tips may helpful to you.
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