How Children's Brain become sharp and healthy with some intelligent foods

How Children's Brain become sharp and healthy with some intelligent foods:
Every parent wants their child to be brain-sharp and his memory is better so that he can remember things well. This thing does not mean importance only to children during exams or studies, but a good memory is needed at all ages. Because of not being able to remember, we have to be embarrassed in front of people many times and many people also get 'confused' speech.

Often people forget a special day or date because of lack of memory. All this is a matter of elders but if children have this problem, then their daily work and studies can become very difficult for them. Memory or memory has an important role in getting the children to pass through a good number, let's learn how to raise memories.

How Children's Brain become sharp and healthy with some intelligent foods
Comparing children boost brain and weak brain

How Children's Brain become sharp and healthy with some intelligent foods
Kepp your brain sharp and healthy

Avoid foods for a boost Brain:
  1. Don't drink  alcohol
  2. Don't eat spicy foods
  3. Don't eat junk foods
  4. Don't do smoking

Intelligent foods to boost Brain power:
Vitamin E - According to the study, consuming Vitamin E can be avoided by the complaint of memory loss. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E in Walnut. That's why it should be consumed daily.

Spinach - In spinach, magnesium and potassium are found in very high quantities, which prove to be very helpful in enhancing the ability to enhance memory as well as increase the memory. In addition, Vitamin B 6, E and Folate in the spinach are also in considerable quantities. Explain folate is beneficial for health. Lack of folate causes memory loss and Alzheimer's complaint.

Glucose - Without energy the brain can not work. Glucose is needed in the brain to increase concentration. Students must eat whole grains for a strong brain. This food keeps mentally alert throughout the day while sending the glucose slowly into the blood.

Fish - From childhood you would have heard that if the child eats fish then the brain will be fast. In a week eating a fish is very beneficial. According to experts, the fish oil has omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial in the development of the brain and eye of the children. Omega-3 fatty fish is the most and it is always called cold water fish.

Water - 85 percent of our brain is made of water, so it is clear that lack of water can cause shrinkage in the brain cells. According to research, lack of water also affects brain cells as well as concentration and memory. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water at least during the day.

Chocolate - Chocolate is also very helpful for speeding up the mind. Dark chocolate, which has 70 percent coconut, works as a brain booster. Flavonoids are found in cocoa, which contain antioxidants and it helps keep the brain healthy. Apart from this, flavonoids are also found in apple, grapefruit, onion, tea, beer and wine.

Green leafy vegetables - Green leafy vegetables are full of antioxidants such as Vitamin C. They also contain carotenoid compounds. They are also known as Powerful Brain Protectors. Broccoli, cabbage, brussel and sprouts are beneficial for the brain.

Milk - The milk contains plenty of vitamins B6, B12, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It helps in enhancing all the nutritious memory. In addition, milk protein helps to increase the brain's performance on strapsul.

Blackberry - According to the study, the use of Blackberry helps to increase memory. If you have a short-term memory loss, you must use it. It is believed that there is abundant antioxidant in blackberry which protects the brain cell. Apart from this, it also helps in the development of brain cells.

Almonds - Eating three almonds daily has a great effect on memory. Use of almonds to increase memory is considered to be the best time from morning to time. Soak three almonds soaked in water at night. Eat morning and eat without chewing and eating this almond. This makes memory faster.

Amla - Amla is a neat fruit that helps in fixing many physical and mental disorders. If you are wondering how to increase memory such children who read things quickly or forget about things or can not remember them, then the amla is not less than a boon for them. Amla is a seasonal fruit, you can also make it by fruit or juice. If you have to use it for a long time, can be used by making mango or candy of amla.

Walnuts - Walnuts are very beneficial dry fruits that look like human brain. Walnuts are very beneficial for our brain, it has very special effect in winter, so children should give 2 to 3 rounds of walnuts everyday, if you want more profit, then with the same amount of walnuts Give raisins too.

Cinnamon - Cinnamon is not just a hot spice, but an herb. It is a good medicine to speed up the brain. By taking a pinch of cinnamon powder regularly with the honey in the night while sleeping, it provides relief in dehydration and the brain gets faster.

Nutmeg - The brain gets faster by consuming a small amount of nutmeg with hot butter. By eating this, you never have alzheimer's dysfunction.

Turmeric - It does not only increase the taste and color of food, but also helps keep the brain healthy. Turmeric has very good home remedy for the brain. There is no alzheimer's disease due to its regular intake. According to the research done at the University of California, the chemical element found in turmeric helps to repair the damaged cells of the Kurkumin brain.

Basil - Basil is not said to be such a trusted plant, it is actually very beneficial and rich in properties. By eating basil leaves with chewing in the empty stomach in the morning, the brain gets sharp. Every day in the morning and chew the five leaves of fresh basil. It protects the body from diseases in many ways.

Meditation and Exercises - Meditation is a very effective and precise method of enhancing memory. At the time of morning, it is better to choose a place where there is no more noise, for a meditation. Close the eyes and sit on one of the easy. Now take long deep breaths and calm your mind and do not think of any kind of thing or think of any kind. As long as possible you sit in the meditation.

Paper - Take a white paper and make a point on it. Look at that point continuously and try to concentrate. This action helps to speed up your brain and also increases your concentration, increasing concentration also enhances memory.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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