How to escape from brain tumor with home treatment

How to escape from brain tumor with home treatment:
After brain tumor and after a condition, brain cancer is caused by an abnormal increase in brain cells. We know that the cells in the body are continuously dividing, die and new cells are born in their place. If there is a disturbance for some reason in this arrangement, then there is a problem of trouble for the body. In such cases, new cells continue to grow, but old cells do not get death. Slowly a lump of cells and tissues is formed. This is what we call tumors If it is within the brain, then there is a brain tumor and after one time it is recognized as a brain cancer. The main cause of brain tumors can be a serious illness, sometimes it is also from our careless lifestyle. A trillion brain cells are found in an ordinary person, but continuous negligence prevents them from getting damaged. According to a study, about five crore people harm their nervous system due to negligence in India. One of the major causes of brain tumors is the harmful chemicals and pollutants used in catering. Many times, brain tumors have been observed for genetic reasons. However, the medical scientists are still not in a position to say anything definite about the true cause of brain tumors. There is also a situation that no symptoms appear for a long time and it is not known that the tumor is growing within the brain. It must also be understood that not all types of tumors are always cancerous. If the tumor is melting then its cells are cancerous. They are dangerous and can grow in the grip of the spine growing rapidly. Some tumors recover from the operation.
It is better that the disease did not reach the brain tumor, because after the diagnosis, it also often shows that life is no longer left. After one condition barely three percent of the patients can return. The biggest problem with brain tumor is that it is not easily detected in the early days. Half of the patients know only after a year that they have brain tumors. 10 to 15 percent of patients find it after five years. After almost 10 years of such patients, they understand that they are in the grip of this serious disease. The good news is that now the medical science has made a lot of progress and if it is known at the right time, patients of brain tumor can also easily escape.

How to escape from brain tumor with home treatment
Brain Tumor  Explained

Symptoms to Brain Tumor:
  1. Often vomiting at dusk, especially when going from one place to another, should be careful because it can be a sign of brain tumor.
  2. Becoming a pain in the head often is the biggest sign of brain tumor. Usually there is strong headache in the morning. Many times people understand it as migraine and ignore it.
  3. If there is a tumor in the cerebral, then it creates a barrier in maintaining balance in the body.
  4. If there is a problem in sensory perceptions of having a tumor in the upper lobe, then the person also experiences problems in the day-to-day activities.
  5. There are epilepsy-like seizures in brain tumor disease and often a condition of unconsciousness arises.
  6. If the tumor occurs in the temporal lobe, the ability of the person to speak is affected and his tongue starts to falter.
  7. If the tumor is near the occipital in the brain, then there is an effect on the eyesight. Things look blurry and difficulties in recognizing different types of colors begin to develop.
  8. If there is a tumor in the frontal lobe of the brain then there is difficulty in learning new things. Memory starts weakening. The person can not control his behavior properly.
  9. If there is a tumor in the temporal lobe then there is an impact on hearing power too. There are always some sounds in the ears. Things look two-two. In some situations listening can be completely closed.
  10. Face may feel weakness in some parts and if the weight increases unchanged then there may be signs of brain tumor.
  11. If the stiffness in the neck starts to remain high then you should be careful.

Causes to Brain Tumor:
  1. The primary brain tumor is born from the brain or its adjacent tissues such as the brain covering the meninges, cranial nerves, the pituitary gland, or the pineal gland.
  2. DNA of normal cells is the function of mutations, which is helpful in the division and growth of cells, from which the introduction of primary brain tumor occurs. Due to cell division, the number of abnormal cells increases rapidly, creating tumors, which is the main cause of brain tumor.
  3. Secondary brain tumors are very high in adults; Cancer in secondary brain tumor starts from any part of the body and then reaches the brain.
  4. Secondary brain tumors are often those people who have cancer. But in the secondary brain tumor, metastatic brain tumor is the earliest period of cancer that starts from anywhere in your body to reach the brain.
  5. Secondary brain tumors are higher in adults than primary brain tumors. The cause of breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer.

Required Tests to know Brain Tumor:
Neurologic test - Under this, your doctor examines your vision, hearing power, your alertness, muscle strength, coordination and their flexibility. Your doctor can also check your eyes to see swelling caused by tumor on the nerves that connect to the eye and brain.
MRI - This is a computer test connected to the computer, which is used to take a detailed picture of the parts inside your head. Sometimes a special dye is placed in your arm or blood vessels to help you see the differences in brain tissue. Its pictures show abnormal areas of the brain, such as tumors.
CT scan - This is an X-ray machine attached to the computer, which takes many pictures of your inner head. You can get its pictures by putting a dye in your arms or arms of your arms. This picture makes it easy to see the unusual areas of your head.
Spinal cord - In this, your doctor can sample the fluid (Cerebrospinal Fluid / fluid filling the surrounding area of ​​the brain and spinal cord) from the lower part of the spinal cord. Doctors use a long, thin needle to remove this liquid from the lower part of your spinal cord. This fluid is examined for cancer cells and other symptoms of tumor in the laboratory.
Biopsy - The process of checking the tissues for tumor cells is called 'biopsy'. The investigators (pathologists) see these cells through the microscope. By biopsy cancer, changes in tissues (which can be cancerous) and other related conditions can be seen. To prepare the treatment plan for brain tumor and, biopsy is the only definitive method of testing it.

Prevention tips to Brain Tumor:
There is no definite way to prevent brain tumors from occurring. But diagnosis and treatment can be prevented from spreading cancer cells in the early tumor. The following measures can be beneficial in reducing the risk of brain tumor.
It is important to take adequate sleep every day, keeping your mind healthy.
  1. Frankincense Oil - Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises (exercise) can reduce your stress. While practicing (exercising), the fragrance of francenses oil should be stretched through the breath through inhalation, this can reduce brain swelling.
  2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) starting at a young age can reduce the risk of brain tumors.
  3. A balanced and nutritious diet should be consumed only.
  4. The water should drink more and more.
  5. Junk food and canned food should not be eaten at all.
  6. Always stay away from stress.
  7. Do not eat alcohol and drugs at all. Be active and anxious.
  8. Less use of mobile devices - The use of cell phones increases the risk of brain tumors, young people absorb more radiation, radiation absorption can be the cause of cancer.

Home treatment to Brain Tumor:
Vitamin C - According to a researcher conducted by US researchers, Vitamin C can speed up tumors of brain cancer patients quickly. An international research team led by scientists at the University of Otago found that consuming a high amount of Vitamin-C makes it easier to eliminate tumors found in the brain during radiation therapy for cancer patients.

Yoga - Through Yoga, we can erase incurable, untimely disease without spending anything by doing only a little hard work. And in this part of today's race, yoga has become very necessary. If we do not do yoga then the diseases are not going to leave us. Because, by the medication of any disease, it can not be eradicated, only a little relief can be found in that disease. Yoga is also useful for brain tumors as it is used in other diseases. If we continue to do the opposite life every day, then chances of having a brain tumor are very small. And if a person has been a brain tumor, then he begins to breathe 15-20 minutes every evening in the evening, then gradually his brain tumor starts resting. When the condition of the patient is very poor, in the morning and in the evening half-an-hour hablame should do pranayama. There is no good medicine for any disease.
Use of cow urine - Take a cup of cow urine and boil it by adding a fourth part of the spoon of pure turmeric and a small recombine. When this cow urine remains half, give it to the patient after it gets cold. If you do this every day, anywhere in your body, cancer is cured, all types of cancer are cured. Just this cow urine should be of the Indian breed cow. And it should be used regularly. It does not have any side effects. And this is a very cheap and beneficial measure.
We have given information about avoiding brain cancer and its identification and measures through "brain tumor, brain cancer symptoms, reason and home treatment, know full tips in hindi". If you use measures with the whole rule, you can definitely benefit. But no one of us have any kind of responsibility. Just use it on your own responsibility or on doctor's advice. Please tell us how you wrote our post in the comment box below. If you have any advice, you must also write it.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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