How to overcome from Asthma

How to overcome from Asthma:
Asthma, which is also known in the language of spoken words as "asthma". Asthma is a serious illness associated with swasan and lungs, which affect the airway ducts.
Swavian tubes carry the air out of the lungs. Due to asthma, the inner wall of these tubules produces swelling and contraction due to which the air flow in the lungs is not done properly. Because of which the patient has to face a lot of difficulty in breathing. Thereby, the patient's body does not get the necessary oxygen. Because of which, in many odd circumstances, the patient dies.

The asthma attack can stop the breathing tubes completely, which can stop the supply of oxygen to the vital organs of the body.

However, no certified treatment has been possible in medical science so far, but here some home remedies can help you deal with the problem of asthma.

How to overcome from Asthma

Causes to Asthma:
  1. Hereditary factors - Asthma is a hereditary disease. There are aspirin hormonal diseases which we get from the elderly automatically. That is, if any elderly people in our family are affected by some disease then due to the same hormone their children are likely to grow very much in that disease.
  2. Allergy - Allergy is a problem that can happen to anyone at any time. Allergies usually affect the nose, throat, ears, lungs and skin.
  3. Sometimes the problems of asthma can be triggered by nose, lungs and skin allergies.
  4. Air pollution - Air pollution is a very serious problem now a  days. Due to this Asthma can cause.
  5. Bad lifestyle - The more we are getting busy in today's modern era, the more we are getting busy, the more we are getting worse. Physical abilities, poor eating habits, negligence towards health are also an important cause of asthma.
  6. Extraction of shorter in food - Increasing risk of asthma increases by eating more salt and junk foods.
  7. Smoking - Living people with smokers or smoking can lead to asthma. If a woman lives in between tobacco or smoking area at the time of pregnancy, then her child may fall at risk of asthma.

Symptoms to Asthma:
  1. Shortness of breath.
  2. Chest tightness or pain.
  3. Difficulty in sleeping due to difficulty in respiration, throat swallowing, cough in the throat and mucus.
  4. While leaving the breath, wheezing or wheezing is the common symptom of asthma in children.
  5. Cough and mucus increases in the neck due to cold infections due to cold or cold fever.
  6. Apart from this, some people have symptoms of asthma during asthma during exercise, and these symptoms become more severe in cold or dry air.
  7. Asthma symptoms increase due to dust, gas, smoke and chemicals in people who work in factories.

Diagnosis of Asthma:
  1. Spirometry - This investigation reveals the speed of the breathing of a man. This is a common type of test that can happen in any medical clinic. This test can lead to difficulty breathing or heart disease.
  2. Peak Flow - This investigation can be done to find out how fast the person is carrying out the breath from his lungs and how fast it is. To control asthma better, it is important that you take your breath away faster. There is a marker in this machine which pulls the slide out on the outside while breathing out.
  3. Cheston X-ray - Chest X-ray should be done in asthma. Asthma can be separated from Chest X-ray by other diseases of the lungs. Asthma can not be seen by the x-ray but conditions related to it can be known.
  4. Allergy Test - Many times the doctor advises about allergy tests, this test can be done to find out what is the right condition of tigers and what conditions can affect you.
  5. Skin Speech Test -  Skin prick test happens in a very simple way and is a very effective way of knowing allergic tigers. This is a very cheap, instant result and very safe test.
  6. Blood Test - Asthma can not be detected by the Blood Test, but this test is very effective for allergic body skin.
  7. Physical performance - The doctor can also perform your physical examination to check for asthma, such as listening to chest wheezing. The severity of asthma can be recognized by chest wheezing.

Prevention tips to Asthma:
  1. Although there is no way to prevent asthma, some precautions can be taken from your side to avoid asthma.
  2. Every person should get pneumonia and influenza vaccine so that fever and pneumonia can be prevented due to asthma.
  3. Air pollution, pollen, allergic reaction, cold air can cause asthma attack, so these conditions should save their body.
  4. Continuously must continue getting health checks and the doctor should continue to get information about his health.
  5. In the throat, phlegm, mucus, wheezing, respiratory disorders affect the function of the lungs and give asthma directly, so if you have such difficulties then go to the doctor immediately.
  6. Keep complete information about asthma symptoms, and as soon as these symptoms appear, go to the doctor. Because these symptoms can be fully controlled through some medicines in the beginning.

Home treatment to Asthma:
Banana - Apply a ripe banana with a knife and filter a small spoon of 2 grams of black pepper in it. Then kneel without it, wrap it well in banana tree leaves and bind them for 2-3 hours. Later with the banana leaves, this type of fire burnt in the fire. Peel banana and eat it after cooling.

Ginger - Asthma is also controlled by mixing two pesky buds of garlic in the hot tea of ​​ginger. The patient benefits from consuming this tea in the morning and evening.

Hot pressing oil - To remove the dust in the lungs, apply a hot pressing oil on the chest and back and keep on the rows of rui and wear a vest overnight or throughout the day.

Water net - To relieve the increased mass or bone of the nose, take out the water net, rubber neti and salt water with hot water.

Citrus Food - Citrus food like orange juice, green cauliflower contains more vitamin C content and it is good for asthma patients.

Vomiting - Vomiting is a beneficial remedy for coughing in body refining. It is particularly beneficial for the patient to breathe the 'Amaltas' for purification of stomach, intestines and lungs. 250 ml for this Boil the pulp of 5 to 10 grams perfume in water. Fill the fourth remaining and filter out the person suffering from asthma as a tea when sleeping at night.

Vitamin B - Foods containing vitamin B such as lentils and green vegetables, protect against asthmatics from attack. It has also been found that there is a shortage of niacin and vitamin B6 in asthmatics.

Selenium - Selenium is also useful in reducing inflammation in the lungs. If the vitamin C and E are also being taken by asthmatics with selenium, the effect is doubled. Selenium is also found in seafood, chicken and meat.

Basil - Clean the basil leaves properly and add powdered black pepper and keep it in the control of asthma with food.

Celery - Take steam by adding celery in hot water and also provides relief in controlling asthma.

Garlic Tea/Garlic Milk - It is also beneficial for an asthma patient to drink garlic tea or boiled garlic in milk.

Fenugreek - If sufferers of asthma disease soak the fenugreek and eat it and mix it with a little honey mixed in it, then the patient gets a lot of benefit.

Garlic - Garlic proves to be very effective in the treatment of asthma. Boiling of 5 buds with 30 ml milk and drink the solution every day brings great benefits to asthma in early stages.

Sahajan leaves - Mix a handful of Sahajan leaves in 180 mm water, boil for about 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool down, then add the salted salt, black pepper and lemon juice. With use of this soup in the regular basis much effective to Asthma.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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