How to overcome from Tinnitus

How to overcome from Tinnitus:
Ears are among the most sensitive parts of our body, and due to this we interact and digest the outer world, therefore nature has given enough protection to the ear, but sometimes it may be a sudden injury to the ear. In matters of talk or slapping the teacher in class, and sometimes even if you do not keep caution while clearing the ears, there is a problem in the screen of the ear and slap or injury. If the pressure on the ear is more than the normal pressure in the position of the condition, it can also burst the curtain of the ear if it is above the tolerant limits and in this case, many problems arise in the ear such as the ability to listen The decrease and consistent echo and sometimes the batch.

If you have a problem in the ear due to some of the above reasons and the curtain of the ear becomes partially damaged, the effect of which is not permanent, then you first need to take some care, in this case, the risk of infection in the ears. First of all, you keep the ears out of water and do not put any kind of medicines such as an arrow from the trunk and in order to save the ear from the infection, antibiotics Doctor also advises taking a pain and painkiller can also be used if there is pain, so you try to keep a little bit of hygiene and in some days the damage is okay if it is not serious, but if After that, if the problem remains the same, then do not ignore it and consult a good doctor about it.

How to overcome from Tinnitus
Ear infection area

Causes of Tinnitus
1. Listening to fast music.
2. Going to any insect in the ear.
3. Drinking water in the ear while bathing.
4. Physical weakness
5. Having respiratory problems can also cause ear infections.

Symptoms of Tinnitus:
1. Inhalable pain in the ear
2. Having high fever.
3. Constant headache stay.
4. Less hearing.
5. Dizziness.

Prevention tips to Tinnitus:
  1. Never clean anything, do not use anything like this, especially with the use of sharp things. Some people use the pen refill which is a very bad habit, you are showing negligence towards your health.
  2. Never kill your friends at their ears while joking.
  3. Keep in mind that the teacher is the person who can be punished for punishing the child and can be reprimanded or explained in some other way or can be done out of class more than enough. Do not buy.
  4. Parents keep in mind that children do a little mischief and you used to do it in childhood so do not hit them on the ear while punishing them, because if there is a problem, you will never be able to forgive yourself.
  5. Stay away from zoosecutter's doctor and neem hakim and consult a certified doctor on any kind of problem.
  6. If there is some problem in the ear, do not put any liquid medicines after the advice of the doctor and prevent as much from the water as possible and can use cottonseed while bathing.

Home treatment to Tinnitus:
Garlic - Garlic contains antibacterial elements that relieve pain and also remove the problem of infection. You can use it in many ways, you can use garlic oil if you wish. In addition, boil the three buds of garlic for five minutes in water and then crush it finely and add salt to it. Keep this mixture in a clean cloth and keep it on the part of the ear.

Basil - It is good to use Basil to avoid ear infections. Crush the basil's four-five leaves well and remove the juice. Place this juice around the infected portion of the ear. Keep in mind that this juice does not go to the ear canal. You can do this procedure twice a day.

Olive oil - The main cause of infection is the fungal and bacterial birth in the ear wax. Because of this, there is a problem with the closure of the ear. For this you can take the help of Olive Oil. Put a few drops of light olive oil in the ear. This will make the ear wax soft so you can easily remove it with the help of Cotton-tipped.

Hot water sauce - If there is an infection in the ear, soak hot water bottle as soon as possible. This will improve the ear infections gradually. If you want, you can also use warm compresses, or soak the clean cloth in warm water and apply the affected parts of the ear.

Tea Tree Oil - Tea oil contains anti-bacterial elements that remove ear infections. Add apple vinegar to Olive oil in three drops of Tea Tree Oil. After this lie down to the head. Insert this mixture into the ear with pain or infection with the help of dripper. Make this mixture three times a day.

Mango leaf juice - It is good to use mango leaves for ear problem. Crush the leaves of two or three mango, and remove the juice from it. Put this juice in the affected areas of the ear. In a while you will feel comfortable.
Steam - Take hot water in a vessel, cover it with a clean towel and place your affected ear slightly above the towels and dishes. From this, the steam emitting from warm water will treat the ear infections. By steam, the wax will soften and start coming out of the ear.

Onion - You would have often heard from elderly people that if there is pain in the ear, then put onion juice. This recipe is really effective. For this, cut the onion finely and put it in the microwave and cook for a few minutes. Now squeeze the juice out of it and put it in the ear.

Ginger - Ginger also provides relief in ear infections. Mix lemon juice in ginger juice and put 4 drops in the ear. After half an hour, clean the ear with cotton wool.

Mustard oil - This recipe has been adopted for a long time for the transition of the nose. For this, heat mustard oil and let it dry 3 drops in the ear.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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