How to overcome from pain in nerves by home treatment

How to overcome from pain in nerves by home treatment:
Nerve Pain or Neurology is a special nerve. Neurology can cause irritation, anesthesia or pain in multiple nerves. Any nerve can be affected by neurology. Read this article to find out the true meaning of pain in veins and its treatment. But it is very important to be fully aware of the treatment of pain in the nerves, because the nerves are very delicate and the wrong treatment can cause great harm to it.
How to overcome from pain in nerves by home treatment
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Nerve Pain is a complex and chronic condition, in which pain remains permanently even after the actual problem is over. It can take a few days to a few months for pain in the nerve pen to begin pain and identify the disease. The pain may start even if the nerve gets damaged or the old injury is cured.

How to overcome from pain in nerves by home treatment
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Causes of Nerves pain:
  • Drugs
  • Problems due to chemicals
  • Chronic renal insufficiency
  • Diabetes
  • Infection
  • As-Shings, Syphilis and Lyme Disease
  • Porphyria
  • Stress on the nerves from close organs (tumors or blood vessels)
  • Swelling or discomfort in the nerves
  • Danger to nerves or severe problems (including surgery), in most cases the cause is not known

Symptoms to Nerves pain:
  • Sensation of irritation, anesthesia and pain in whole heart.
  • The speed and function of the affected part of the body is blocked due to muscle weakness, pain or nerve damage.
  • Pain suddenly arises and is a very painful pain, such as sharpening a sharp object or feeling a burning sensation. This pain can persist or it may be stopped.
  • Touching or pressing feels pain and it is also painful to walk.
  • There is pain in the path of the affected nerve or this pain happens frequently.

Diagnosis to Nerves pain:
  • Nerves pain can not be identified by any one inquiry. Initially, the doctor attempts to identify the disease by physical examination with the details of your symptoms and pain. Your physical examination can be detected.
  • Unusual cognition in the skin
  • Decreased deep tendon reflex or lack of muscle
  • Reduced sweating in the affected area (sweating is controlled by nerve).
  • The nervous feeling of pain or swelling by touch
  • Trigger points or areas where light touch touches the pain too.
  • Examination of teeth, which does not include problem of teeth giving birth to facial pain ( boils in teeth).

Prevention tips to Nerves pain:
  1. If the veins of any part of your body have weakened then sit in his house, before taking treatment, take special care of these things.
  2. Avoid pressing or folding the compressed vein as much as possible.
    If swollen, massage the ice and warm things in turn to reduce swelling.
  3. Relax as much as possible.
  4. Do not put too much pressure to get relief.
  5. Keep the veins stable in one place with the help of white or brown stripe as much as possible.
  6. Avoid taking any painkillers or taking any kind of medication if there is more pain than the extent.

Home treatment to Nerves pain:
The treatment of nerve pens is generally difficult, and often there is no difference in pain due to pain relief. You need to try different types of medical practices so that you know which system is beneficial for you. Occasionally there is a self-improvement in the situation itself or over time. Since the treatment of nerves pain is not easy, the main goals of its treatment are-

Reduce the intensity of pain

Helping you cope with permanent pain

Reducing the effects of pain on your daily life

If there is pain due to any internal illness (such as diabetes, tumor), if it is possible to treat the disease, then treat it.

In patients with diabetes, neuralgia benefits from strong control on sugar.

Occasionally there is pain due to pressure on the nerve due to tumor or other reason, in this situation, the reason for which the pressure is undergoing will need to be removed from the surgery …
Here have some home treatments-
Harsingar - Harsingar flowers, leaves and bark are also rich in medicinal properties. Harsingar leaves are used for sitika. Boil Harsingar leaves and boil them in one liter of water. Then cool down and mix and add two or two kesar. Now drink it a cup every morning in the morning.

Celery - Celery juice contains anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in reducing pain and inflammation in the sciatica. By drinking this juice, there is a lot of benefit in the sitika.

Fenugreek - Fenugreek seeds have a substantial amount of protein in the seeds of fenugreek seeds. They are very effective in reducing the pain of arthritis and sciatica. Every morning, a spoonful of fenugreek mud is consumed with water, it is beneficial for Sathika.

Mint Oil - If your nerves are very painful, then massage the mint oil in the pain-affected area. This will relieve you from the pain of veins.

Mustard oil - Sorghum oil can be found to relieve the pain of veins. Heat the mustard oil and massage it. By doing this you will certainly get the benefit.

Flower of Lavender - Take the flower of Lavender and mix Suyaa in bath water.

Plum Kernels - To remove the nerve congestion, you eat the jujube kernels with jaggery, which will strengthen the nerves and the body becomes strong.

Cow's milk - To remove the weakness of the veins, you can also eat butter, sugar candy with cow's milk, which provides relief in the weakness of the nerves to a great extent.

Curiosity - Make a habit of eating curry. It is also the best treatment for nerve impairment with other benefits in the body. But yes try to use it in the winter season only.

With Ayurveda - Ashwagandha 100 gm, shatavari 100 grams, bahaya karet 100 gram, husk 100 grams of asafoetida, make a mixture of taal mishri 400 gram and mix that mixture with milk in the morning and evening. The blood capacity of the body increases with the use of approximately one month. And there is strength in drugs.

Corona Pranayama - Nervous patients too have a lot of benefit due to pranayama of the embryo. It is beneficial to do this pranayama everyday.

Anulom vilom - Even by doing pranayama of anulom vilom the problem of nerves can be overcome from the breathlessness, and for many days this disease will end with the root cause.

Massage support - Putting pressure on the pain in the vein can help relieve stress and reduce pain. Massage of whole body helps in increasing the muscular dysfunction and also resting the affected area.

Exercise is also important - Research done on Sitiika suggests that it is the best treatment exercise. Regular exercise strengthens the waist muscles as well as secretion of palliative hormones also increases. Apart from this, if you have to sit in the chair all day, then always try to sit straight, or put a pillow on the waist area.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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