Effective treatments to Mouth Cancer that you should know

Effective treatments to Mouth Cancer that you should know:
There are many types of cancer. The names of cancer we place on the basis of their being. As if inside the mouth, it is called mouth cancer or oral cancer. If oral cancer is found in its early stages, then it can be easily treated.
Effective treatments to Mouth Cancer that you should know
Smoking, causes mouth cancer
But initially it will be detected only when all people know about it and understand its symptoms properly. Cancer of mouth consists of lip, tongue, cheek, one layer of mouth, hard and soft palate, sinus, and pharyngeal cancer. The wound known as erythroplakia can be transformed into oral cancer. It is also a fact that men are more likely to have oral cancer than men. Men over 50 years of age have the greatest risk.
Let's understand the symptoms of oral cancer and its causes.

Symptoms of Mouth Cancer:
  1. A diseased part of the skin that is not cured, mouth cancer. Symptoms may occur.
  2. Weight phenomenon Maximum weight event can be a sign of cancer.
  3. Develop bloating / thickness, lump, stains / scalp or erosion in lips, gums or other areas of the mouth.
  4. Development of velvety white, red or spotted (white and red) patch in the mouth.
  5. Bleeding without any reason.
  6. Feeling of numbness in the face, mouth, neck or any area of ​​the ear for no reason, some feeling or pain / tenderness.
  7. Wounds on the face, neck or mouth and they will not be cured within 2 weeks.
  8. Pain and such a wedding is something stuck in the back of the throat.
  9. Difficulty in chewing or swallowing, speaking or jaw or moving the tongue.
  10. Change in nervousness and noise.
  11. Change in the way your teeth and artificial teeth fit together.
  12. Lumps in the neck.

Main causes to Mouth Cancer:
Smoke - Oral cancer is six times more likely to develop, which consumes cigarettes, cigars or pipe smoking. In this type of people lining of cheeks, gums and lips can be more than 50 times the chance of cancer.
Alcohol - One of the many causes of alcohol drinking is also that it increases the chance of mouth cancer. So if you want to avoid the risk of cancer of its mouth, then you should not consume alcoholic beverages like alcohol.
Gender - In many surveys this fact has revealed that men are two times more likely to have oral cancer than women. There are also many reasons behind this. But the main thing is that men consume more tobacco, alcohol, etc. Consuming these things increases the possibility of it.
Age - If we talk about the age of oral cancer, its average age is 62. However, two-thirds of people with this disease are also aged 55 years of age. Apart from this, geneticity may cause high genetic mutations which cause different syndrome in the body, higher risk of oral cancer.
Tobacco - About 80% of oral cavity can use cigarette and tobacco. The risk of developing oral cancer depends on the duration and usage of tobacco. Smoking can cause cancer in the mouth or throat and tobacco products have cancer in the inner surface of throat, gums and lips.
HPV - Human Papillomavirus Infection HPV is a risk factor for oral cancer. Suppression of the immune system Taking drugs that suppress the immune system - Some medicines that treat certain immune diseases can increase the risk of oral cancer.

Diet control to Mouth Cancer:
  1. Balanced diet should be consumed. You can take this for a small amount.
  2. Pomegranate juice should be consumed more and more.
  3. Grape juice is very useful in oral cancer. It should also be consumed.
  4. Garlic and onion should be used more.
  5. The water kept in copper vessels should be consumed at night.
  6. Instead of hot substances, only cold foods should be consumed.
  7. Eating lemon juice is also very beneficial.
  8. Foods containing proteins should be consumed much.
  9. Green coriander and mint should be grinded and applied on the mouth of the mouth. And coriander, mint must be eaten.

Prevention tips to Mouth Cancer:
  1. Tobacco, cigarette, gutka and tobacco products should not be used at all in oral cancer.
  2. Alcohol consumption should not be done in oral cancer at all.
  3. Hygiene should be kept in mind when oral cancer.
  4. Chili spices should not be eaten at all.
  5. Sticky food should not be consumed.
  6. Meat should not be eaten at all.
  7. Do not chew any hard thing by putting it in the mouth.

Home treatment to Mouth Cancer:
Use of turmeric - Turmeric helps to prevent all types of cancers. Take Indian turmeric powder for mouth cancer and make a powder of dry basil leaves of black basil and mix them well together. Now add glycerine to the inside where there is a wound where the scars appear. Using this method will give great relief to mouth cancer. Because turmeric and basil are both useful in preventing cancer. You can use it regularly.
Use of cow urine - Take a cow urine of indigenous Indian breed and add some turmeric in it and fill it in the mouth and keep it in the mouth like this for some time. After a while, remove it from the mouth. In this way you must do four to five times a day. You can drink cow urine and turmeric and drink it too. This will give you a very good advantage. It has no side effects. And this cow urine is found everywhere.

Chemesto Treatment to Mouth Cancer:
Surgery - Removal of cancerous lumps by surgery. Small cancer can be removed by small surgery. But more extensive procedures are needed when cancer is high.
Radiation Therapy: - If the mouth cancer is slightly, then it requires radiation therapy. Radiation therapy can be used even after surgery. Radiation therapy can help to relieve the pain of mouth.
Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy is also used to treat mouth cancer. But this therapy has a very bad effect on our body. Because the medicines given by it are so fast that the person can not bear them. And in this, the hair of the patient goes down. And the common man can not get this type of treatment. Because these treatments are very expensive. Every person can not afford it.

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