How to prevent and cure of Tongue Ulcer

How to prevent and cure of Tongue Ulcer:
How to prevent and cure of Tongue Ulcer
The tongue can be considered to be a form of mouth ulcer to a large extent. There are also similar types of barks in it. It has to face the same irritation and problems. Its symptoms also are easily seen, so treatment is easy. There is a burning sensation in the mouth when spicy or tarted food is eaten. Apart from this the boils are formed on the tongue. In such a case, do not care negatively in its treatment. Let's get detailed information about the type and treatment of these ulcers. We will tell you some treatments on the tongue that you feel relieved.

Types of tongue blisters:
1. Severe blisters
As the name implies, it is usually larger in size than the blisters that occur. Tell you that these severe barks are only 1 out of 10 people. But when you find out that you have serious ulcers, you should immediately contact a good doctor.
2. General ulcers
Most people suffering from blisters are affected by the normal blisters. It is also clear from its name that it is not much bigger in size and it gets better in about 10 days.
3. Herpetiformis blisters
The second name of the herpetiform bone is also the pinpoint blisters. It is about 3 mm in size. Generally, only 10 percent of people affected by this blister occur in the age group of 10 to 40 years. It is rare in children and old age.
Main symptoms of tongue ulcer:
  1. Having acne on the tongue is very painful when eating and drinking.
  2. Irritability occurs in practice.
  3. You will always feel that you are tired.
  4. Loneliness is seen in the mouth wounds.

Treatment to tongue ulcer:

  1. Patients suffering from tongue ulcers should use Vitamin-C to eat. For this, you drink two-three glass orange juice daily. You can also get vitamin C from tomatoes.
  2. Avoid as much spicy and fried foods as you can.
  3. In it, you should consume maximum quantity of fruits and drink plenty of water.
  4. Benefit of consuming a lot of green vegetables as much as possible is beneficial.
  5. If you use raw onions at the time of food, then it will be better.
  6. The victim of the tongue should bring food made from milk such as curd, butter milk and paneer etc.
  7. Non-vegetarian food is of acidic nature, therefore, mouth ulcers should avoid using it.
  8. To grasp the tongue, you should scrub two to three times a day.
  9. Chewing some leaves of Basil, which is easily available in every house, also provides relief.
  10. Avoid eating foods that are likely to cause irritation of the mouth or to be entrapped in the teeth. As you should stay away from alcohol and chocolate until the blister is cured.
  11. To reduce the irritation of the scalp, mix turmeric powder in glycerine and massage it slowly at the blisters place. Clear it after about 15-20 minutes.
  12. One remedy is to boil it by adding one spoon coriander powder in one cup of water. After this, when the water gets cold, it also gives relief from garbing two to three times a day.
  13. In a few drops of water mix one spoon with baking soda and apply it to the blisters place two or three times and clean it well after 15 minutes.
  14. Drinking herbal tea after eating food also gives relief in the tongue's bark.
  15. The heat growing in the body is responsible for the blisters on the mouth ulcers or tongue. Try it in such a way that every day, drink water every few minutes, so that the body temperature is controlled. It will also help in the pain of barks.
  16. Mix the salt into the water and make garlic, so that the mouth is clean and drink more than the cold things. Drink curd, buttermilk and fruit juice or you can also get relief from ice cream.
  17. Avoid eating hot things and do not even eat tart and spicy food. It will also cause pain in the bark, it will take as much time to recover the ulcers. Reduce the use of salt in the food.
  18. Keep distance from things like tea-coffee. These things will cause constipation, due to which the absence of the stomach will not increase the problem of the bark rather than fixing. You should also avoid the cold card.
  19. Avoid talking too much, so that the sharpening of the teeth does not increase the wound due to the sharp teeth. Regularly rinse and use mouthwash if desired, so that the bacteria do not thrive and recover the bark quickly.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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