How to protect yourself from HIV or AIDS that you should know:

How to protect yourself from HIV or AIDS that you should know:
HIV refers to human immunodeficiency virus (human immunodeficiency virus). This is a virus that causes the infection of HIV to any person. The term HIV refers to the name of the virus.
AIDS means acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This is the high or final stage of infection of HIV.
HIV after killing HIV in the body of the body destroys CD4 cells and immune system fighting against infection in the body. Due to the destruction of these two important things, the body is very difficult to fight against major diseases such as infection and cancer. As it goes away destroying the CD4 and immune system, the condition of AIDS increases in the body of that person.

How to protect yourself from HIV or AIDS that you should know

Difference between AIDS and HIV:
HIV is a microscopic virus that can cause AIDS. This reduces the natural resistance of humans to fight other diseases. By decadence of resistive potential respectively, any opportunistic infections, i.e. from common cold cold to pulmonary fluids, tuberculosis, tuberculosis and cancer diseases are easily made and it becomes difficult to cure and even death of the patient Might be possible. This is the reason why AIDS testing is important. Only AIDS test can definitely detect infection.

Main Causes spreading of AIDS or HIV:
Using vaginal sex with a HIV infected person without using a condom.
By using a syringe, needle, made by an HIV infected person on a healthy person.
The child is at high risk of HIV infection while having a HIV-infected pregnant woman at birth or during breast feeding.
Blood donation from an HIV infected person
Eat some food that has already been chewed by an HIV infected person.
In connection with the blood of any HIV infected person on the upper wound of any cut, burn or skin.

HIV or AIDS are not spread with:
The virus of HIV can not survive for a long time outside the human body and it can not spread in the outside environment. Some things that do not spread HIV are those.
By air and water
Bite of a bird or a worm
Salivation, sputum, sweating, if they have not been contacted by the HIV infected person's blood
Shaking hands
By embracing
Using the same toilet
By eating food in the same plate or by drinking water in the same glass

Symptoms to HIV:
Frequent fever.
Sweat in the night.
Slowly weakening of yard.
The pain of the whole body.
Dry-cough for long periods of time.
Staying patient with slit squats up to 1/2.
Decreased body of body weight.
Staying cold all the time.
May I stay in pain.
Growing the throat.
Pain and swelling of the patient joints.
Stretching in muscles.
Sometimes get lesions of mouth.

Some success treatment for HIV or AIDS:
How to treat cinnamon - Cinnamon is very beneficial for AIDS patients because it increases the white particles in the blood, while the reduction of white particles in AIDS disease only invites many diseases. Along with that, cinnamon is beneficial in cleaning stomach worms, filling wounds etc. Almost half a kilo of cinnamon powder or oil should be consumed 3 times daily in a quantity of 1 to 3 drops. Benefits of Cinnamon Go From Here - Benefits of Cinnamon
Treatment with Brahmi - It is beneficial to take 5 to 10 ml of Brahmi juice or 5 grams of powder from 2 grams in the morning because it eliminates the knots and prevents the body from melting. Due to taking it above the prescribed amount, it can come from roundabouts.
Remedial measures -
1. The vaginal connection should not be made too much.
2. Make beard always with the new blade.
3. When using injection, use a new syringe.
4. If you are being offered blood for any reason, then check that blood first, whether it is blood with AIDS.
5. When using a vaginal connection, always use condoms.
6. Keep hiv tests periodically.
7. In the morning and in the morning, do some yoga and do yoga, as well as doing both these forms of Anupam-Vilom and Kapalbhati can not pass any disease, and if there is any disease then that too will be cured soon.
Eligible diet -
1. Eat fruits and vegetables.
2. Whole grains (You can eat it by making porridge)
3. Eat pulses as there is plenty of protein in it.
4. Low fat diet.
5. Light food.
Avoid them -
1. Do not eat more sweet things such as sweets etc. If I have to do very little amount.
2. Do not eat cold water at all.
3. Do not consume alcohol.
4. Do not include sugary diet meals.
5. Avoid things that are hot, spicy.
Do pranayama - In the morning and in the morning, make a few seconds and do pranayama, so that any disease can not be passed by doing both of them - Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati, and if there is any disease then that too will be cured soon.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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