Before harassing from Eczema you should try by yourself

Before harassing from Eczema you should try by yourself:
Before harassing from Eczema you should try by yourself
Skin Allergy
Many times some body problems do not happen but they do more than troubled diseases. Now, just as skin-related problems are said to have skin allergies, it is essential to look at skin allergic, but sometimes it is so shocking that the person is in the grip of a fever.
The skin is a mirror of your beauty. Anything you save to look attractive, all of them are made somewhere to make the skin young and muscular. Often people have skin allergic reactions but most people do not take any remedy to prevent it. The topmost thing is that many people do not even know that due to not having proper treatment, their skin may be very bad and may be a victim of badness. So let's know the causes of skin allergies, symptoms and the ways to prevent them.

How does affect Eczema:
Many people are indirectly affected by allergies, so instead of direct symptoms of itch, there are blisters, pain, small blisters etc. and it is taken lightly, which can have serious consequences. If not given attention to it at the right time, skin diseases can also be made. Apart from this, many times allergic reactions like plastic things such as imitation jewelry, bindi, perfume, glass frames, soap etc. are also allergic. This type of allergy is called contact dermatitis. Now there is a problem until the solution is also found. So let's know, due to this, symptoms, preventive measures and its home remedies.
Major causes to Eczema:
• Changes in weather can lead to nasal allergies
• air pollution
• Bad skin effects on tattoos
• Eat food that does not suit our body
• No cleanliness around
• Use some kind of beauty product such as hair color
• Side effects of any medication
• Dry skin is allergic to skin
• Cutting on some insects
Symptoms to Eczema:
• Changing skin color, such as red spots
• itching
• Grunting like a pimple.
• Rhesus or cracking.
• to be jealous.
• Stretching in the skin
• Barking measures to Avoid Allergy
• Exit the house then cover faces and arms. Must combine the sunscreen
• Wash the face several times a day with water. This will remove the dust on the face.
• Use only cream made from aloe vera gel or aloe vera.
• If you are working then take bath in the evenings. It will not be allergic to dust etc.
• Use filtered water only.
Home treatments to Eczema:
Camphor and coconut oil - If you have allergic skin and the skin is itching in that place, then the domestic recipe of coconut oil and camphor is a panacea. Kapoor and coconut oil together in a place of itching, you will soon feel relief.
Alum - Wash and clean the affected area with alum water. Keep the oil of camphor and mustard oil. Burn the amla kernels and burn them. Make a paste with a pinch of alum and coconut oil in it. Keep it going. It will get a lot of relief from
Aloe Vera - Aloe vera is antibacterial and antibacterial, which is very effective in reducing skin rashes and itching. Grind some leaves of the aloe vera and let its juice get out. Apply this juice to a place of skin allergy.
Neem - Neem is a rich herbal medicine with many beneficial properties. Which has been used to eliminate the allergy caused by bacterial infection. Keep some leaves of Neem soaking in water at night and after grinding them in the morning, apply paste paste on the skin on itchy place.
Ideal Drink - Boil fresh ginger, sunfish and mint in the water and drink it when it is lukewarm, you can drink it 2-3 times a day. This will improve the resistance to skin.
Incredible and vegetable fruits - Make small and sweet foods such as gourd, troy, moong dal, khichdi, poha, upma, vegetable soup, boiled vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice and salad etc. Fasting one day a week, only make fruit.
Lemon - lemon gets comfortably in every home. So add lemon and peanut oil to the place where the body is itching. Do not scratch it immediately after applying it. Will get rest in a while.

Olive oil - Bathe with lukewarm water when itching, and immediately after using any peach or cream, use olive oil i.e. olive oil. Good light massage will provide relief in itching place.  

Pure Grain Oil - Pure oil of Pure oil is also beneficial when it comes to itching. It does not even have a dryness and even itching stops.

Native Ghee Massage - When you have excessive itching in the body, immediately apply the ghee used in the home for immediate relief. This will get instant relief.

Omega 3 Oil Massage - Omega 3 oils are now easily available in the market. Therefore, after complaining of itching, massage with omega 3 oil immediately. This will give you relief.

Cucumber water - Cut the cucumber into fine slices and keep it for two hours. After the full juice gets out, filter it and place it in the itching place. Of course it will be relaxing.

Dough Coating - By applying wheat flour, all the skin diseases of the body are removed and it provides relief in the itching.

Bath in the sea water - These tips are only beneficial to the people who are the coastal inhabitants. It is said that when it is bitten by the body, itching away in the ocean causes itching. The reason behind this is that sea water has natural minerals and pure salt. But this does not mean that you get a bath by mixing salt in water in the house, it will cause more damage to your skin.

Myrrh - Grind the myrrh fine. Boil two spoons of the herb in two glasses of water. Wherever it is itching, apply that water, you will get rest in a while.

Prevention tips to Eczema:
• Do not itching in the skin.
• Stop using the soap you are using regularly.
• Allow the body to open air.
• Most importantly, if you know what is allergic to you, then stay away from it.

If the problem is more and more than enough, consult a doctor immediately.

The above given tips may helpful to you.
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