Do not Avoid Autism Because Autism Main Treatment is You

Do not Avoid Autism Because Autism Main Treatment is You:
Autism ... I do not feel heard or heard this word. This is a disease. Are not you really familiar with this? You have seen 'My name is Khan'. Shahrukh Khan has Mild Autism in this film. This disease starts flowing at the age of 6. A Daily Soap 'Your Antara' based on autism was also well-known among the people. The story was shown in the serial of a little girl who was battling autism. On Monday, a seminar was held at the government hospital in the city on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day.
'6 million 70 million people worldwide suffer from autism’
If your child is always lost in her thinking, then he may be a victim of autism. In a seminar on World Autism Awareness Day, psychiatrist Dr. Brahmadeep Sindhu told the parents that this is not a disease which can be cured by medicines. He said that around 670 million people worldwide are suffering from autism. Dr. Sindhu told that this disease begins to flourish in a 6 month old child. Although most people are able to identify it in children around 10 years. It's too late. At this stage, it is possible to make the child Mental Certificate.
Do not Avoid Autism Because Autism Main Treatment is You
The problem of autism is associated with our brain. The person suffering from this can talk to someone else with great difficulty. Due to the disease like autism, many areas of the brain can not be reduced together. People from different groups of people, hear and feel, according to other people. Due to this problem, along with the person, along with those who are with him also face many problems. That is why today you are going to give information about some problems related to autism and treatment. So let's know about the type of autism.

How many types of Autism:
Primarily autism is of three types. So let's know about the type of autism.
Autistic Disorder - When we hear about the disease like autism, we start thinking about this type of disease. There is a problem speaking to a person suffering from classic autism, which is autistic disorder. A person suffering from a cautious autistic disorder has to face a variety of problems. Due to autistic disorder, the person has to face intellectual problems.
Problem of Developmental Disorder - Anyone who has a problem of developing development. Those individuals are found to have symptoms of autistic disorder or asperger syndrome. Intellectual and speaking people with this problem have trouble finding something to cheat.
Trouble of Asperger Syndrome - A person with Asperger syndrome usually has some symptoms of autistic disorder. People with this type of problem have to face social challenges. Due to that, the person may also have problems with unusual behavior. However, they usually do not have any problems related to language related or intellectual.

Main Symptoms of Autism:
  1. Failure to respond to your name.
  2. Contraception on the placement of the throat or catching and likes to play alone.
  3. Avoiding glances and not having facial gestures.
  4. Do not speak or delay in speaking or to say neither words nor sentences spoken properly before.
  5. Can not start or continue the conversation or just start a conversation for the request.
  6. Speaking with an unusual rhythm, using the sounds of a song or a voice like a robot.
  7. Repeating words or phrases but not understanding their usage
  8. Inability to understand simple questions or directions.
  9. Do not express your feelings and be unaware of the feelings of others.
  10. Avoiding social contact due to being inactive, aggressive or disruptive.
Behavioral symptoms -
  1. Repeat certain activities, such as moving, walking or flapping hands, or tricks causing harm to yourself (like head dropping).
  2. Develop a specific routine or ritual and become disturbed in slight variations.
  3. Keep moving constantly
  4. Be resistant to non-cooperation or change.
  5. Coordination problems or strange activities …
  6. Being abnormally sensitive to light, sound and touch and not feeling pain.
  7. Not to be involved in artificial games.
  8. Do any activity or activity with unusual intensity or meditation.
  9. The odd choice of food, such as consuming only certain foods or consuming certain texture substances.

Main Causes to Autism & Risk Factors:
There is no known cause of autism spectrum disorder. The complexity and intensity of the disorder are different in everyone, hence its many reasons are considered. Both genetics and environmental factors play an important role in autism.
Genetic problems
Autism spectrum disorder involves many different genes. In some children, autism can be related to any genetic disorder. For others, genetic mutations can make children susceptible to autism or create environmental risk factors. Some genetic problems are family-safe, while others are themselves.
Environmental factors - Researchers are currently exploring whether viral infections, complications of pregnancy, or air pollution are due to autism spectrum disorder or not.
What are the risk factors of autism?
Autism spectrum disorder affects children of all castes and nationalities, but some factors increase its risk. like -
Gender - boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.
Family history - If a child suffers from autism, then the other child also has a greater risk of being afflicted with it.
Other disorders - Children with some medical problems are more at risk of autism.
Children born prematurely - Children born before 26 weeks may be more at risk of autism.
Parents age - A child with a higher age can have the possibility of autism but research is still required on this subject.

There have some Prevention Tips to Autism which may give changes:
Early cognitive or behavioral interventions are very important in the development of children affected by autism. Autism should look at a situation rather than a disease.
Treatment with an Autistic Children.
Use new words in game play.
Show the right way to play with toys.
Put on the habit of playing alternately.
Gradually increase the more of people in the game.
Talk in short sentences.
Use simple language.
Add words to be used everyday in everyday life.
Understand first and then speak.
If the child is speaking, give it a good word and motivate to speak again and again.
Give your child a chance to speak.
If the child is not able to speak, then teach him to talk about his needs by pointing to the picture.
Give the child a chance to meet regularly other than the house
Take the child to stress free places such as park etc.
Encourage other people to talk to the child.
Gradually increase the time with the child for more time and try to talk.
And do not forget to encourage any of its efforts.
If the child does one of the behaviors repeatedly, to stop him, put him in some activities that he should keep busy so that he can not repeat the behavior.
Repeat the wrong behavior, do something that the child does not like.
If the child does not behave incorrectly for some time, encourage him immediately.
Use colorful, bright, and dyeing items for promotion.
Show the right way for the child to use his power, such as exercising, exercising, and playing in outdoor games.
Stay healthy - get regular checkup.
Well balanced meals and exercise.
Make sure you have a good prenatal care and take all the suggested vitamins and supplements.
Do not take medicines during pregnancy - ask your doctor before taking any kind of medication in pregnancy. Especially round medicines.
Do not drink alcohol - do not consume alcohol during pregnancy.
Advanced Treatment to Autism:
There is no cure for autism. However, it is possible to increase learning ability and mental development in many ways. These are the following ways:
Practical training and management - Practical training and management uses positive methods, self-help and social skills training to improve behavior and communication. Several types of treatment have been developed, including the treatment and education of children with disabilities, applied behavior analysis, autistic and related communication.
Specific therapy - This includes speech, professional and physical remedies. These are important for the management of autism and should be included in the treatment of all children. Speech therapy helps children communicate effectively. Professional and physical treatments can help improve coordination. Professional treatment can help the child understand better information about the senses.
Medicines - The use of drugs in autism is used to treat related problems such as depression, anxiety and hyperactivity.

Main Point: If the problem is high then the medicine given by the psychiatrist can also be used.
Autism can not be prevented but you can reduce some of its risk if you try to change the following lifestyle modes.

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