Easily get relieve from Viral Fever

Easily get relieve from Viral Fever:
Most people suffer from fever if suddenly change in temperature and sickness. The fever is fever, fever, and viral fever. Some antibiotics, or TC (over-the-counter), are used to interact with this pan. Some appliances can be reduced or completely relaxed before going to doctor before removing it. Viral fever is safe, easy and secure. Some simple home remedies can be used for the treatment of viral fever.

Easily get relieve from Viral Fever

Main symptoms of Viral Fever:
There are some kind of symptoms like viral -
  1. Pain in throat.
  2. Cough.
  3. Headache fatigue.
  4. Joint pain, vomiting and diarrhea.
  5. Eyes red.
  6. Body pain.
  7. And is not hungry.
  8. It is generally weak.
  9. This viral fever with adults rapidly spreads in children.

Main causes of Viral Fever:
  1. It is close to an infected person.
  2. Works with a sick person.
  3. Create unprotected sex.
  4. Share the needle used to injure.
  5. She lives in an elite residential building.
  6. Close to infected animals or work in their abattoir.
  7. Traveling in a region where special viral fever is high.
  8. Viral fever virus lives in an area that causes infection.

Finish the Viral Fever with home remedies:
Coriander tea - Coriander seeds contain phytonutrients which give vitamins to the body and increase the immune system. Antibiotic compounds in coriander provide strength to fight viral infections.
Put a glass of water in a glass towel. Then add a little milk and sugar. Coriander seeds are good, drinking alcohol is very helpful.

Dill with the brew - Immunodeficiency increases and the body is relaxed, but the crushed seeds will help to reduce body temperature. This is due to the presence of Flavonoid Ozmand Pins. The boiled dill seeds is served as a strong antimicrobial agent in the dependency of the viral fever.
How to prepare - In a cup of boiling water, dill the seeds and then boil it in a cinnamon pin. Drink as hot tea.

Basil leaves Ingredients - The most effective and most effective drugs for the natural remedy for viral fever and the natural basil leaves. Bacterial anti-inflammatory, biochemical and fungal properties make viral feces for bazel.
How to Prepare - Boil a half a teaspoon cloves powder with leaves about 20 fresh clean nose in a liter of water. Boil water until half of the water is reduced. Take this for 2 hours everyday.

Rice starch - A typical household bridge to treat viral fever is rice starch (known as kanji in Hindi). This traditional defense is raising the immune system. It acts as a nutritious beverage especially for children and older persons suffering from viral fever.
How to prepare: Cook the rice and half the water and cook until the rice is cooked. Then separate the water and separate it with hot salt. It provides a lot of relief in viral fever.

Dry ginger mix - Ginger can be very beneficial to health. Antioxidant properties have been shown to reduce the symptoms of anti-flam, anti-oxidant and viral fever. Hence, use ginger with honey for people suffering from viral fever.
How to Prepare - Two cups of dried ginger in a cup of water add ginger or nutrition. Boil the second boil and turmeric, pepper and sugar with ginger. Drink four times a day. It provides relief in viral fever.

Fenugreek Water - is easily available in the kitchen, has medicinal properties such as fenugreek seeds, dysonzines, saponins, and alkaloids. Fenugreek seeds are also used in many other diseases. This is the best medicine for viral phenytoin.

Turmeric powdered ginger - Ginger with antioxidant properties in ginger. A teaspoon of pepper powder, a little teaspoon of turmeric powder, a teaspoon of nut, ie a cup of water and light sugar. When it's boiled, drink this water and drink it. It gives relief from viral fever.

Lemon and honey - lemon juice, honey and viral fever. You can eat honey and lemon juice.
How to make - Solid soak water in half a cup of fenugreek seeds. Drink this delicate drink in a regular interval to control the drinking water. A mixture of fenugreek, fenugreek, lemon, honey can be prepared and used.

Keep in mind this is a better solution for early viral fever but if you do not get relief from the problem, contact the doctor immediately.

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