How to avoid Glaucoma with Best Tips

How to avoid Glaucoma with Best Tips:
Glaucoma, black glaucoma or glaucoma, gradually eliminates the sight while causing serious and continuous damage to the mechanism. The light rays reach the eyes from any object, and make its image visible on the retina. This information from the retina is passed by the electric waves through the eye fibers to the brain. A fluid is filled in the eye, this fluid keeps the eyeball smooth, if the fluid stops it then the pressure inside the eye increases. The difference in glaucoma is that the pressure on the eye increases with the ability to withstand the pressure of the affected eye, which results in damage to the eye filament, which leads to vision.

When looking at an object, a person with glaucoma can only see the center of the object. The situation gets worse over time. Generally people pay little attention to this, but when they pay attention it is too late. In general, this disease develops without any symptoms and affects both eyes together. Although this disease is found among adults over 40 years of age, in some cases it can also affect the infant. Diabetes, heredity, hypertension and cardiovascular disease are among the major causes of this disease. Globally, black cataract affects about six million people and in India it is the second most important cause of blindness.
How to avoid Glaucoma with Best Tips
Glaucoma, Redness of Eyes

Symptoms of Glaucoma:
  1. When a person has glaucoma, then the fluid pressure in the eyes becomes very high.
  2. The numbers of the eyes are fluctuating quickly.
  3. Eyes are often red.
  4. Blurred vision and pain in the eyes.
  5. Blurring and stop showing in the night.
  6. Nausea or vomiting.
  7. Headache and light dizziness.
  8. Due to diseases of diabetes, high BP and heart, glaucoma can also occur.
  9. If any of these symptoms also a person feels himself, then he should immediately check with the doctor.

Main Causes of Glaucoma:
The eyes behind the cornea in the human eye have the right size and nourishing fluid, the sealier tissues around the lens constantly make this fluid continuously. This fluid is made from the inner parts of the eyes through the pupils. In this way, this fluid is formed in the eyes and the burning flows continuously.

For healthy eyes, it is necessary to have so much pressure in the inner part of the eyes that it depends on the amount of fluid itself. The pressure of this fluid in the eyes of glaucoma patients increases excessively, sometimes the pathway of the eye droplets stops, but the celery tissues tend to make it continuously, in such cases when the pressure of the fluid in the eyes is visible in the eye If suddenly increases then it becomes glaucoma. If such pressure of liquid remains in the eyes for a long time, then it can also damage the fibers of the eyes. If the disease is not treated in a time-span, then it can be completely sighted.

Prevention Tips to avoid Glaucoma:
  1. Regular eye checkups, retinal evaluation and visual field testing should be done to detect glaucoma. By detecting glaucoma in the initial condition, it can be corrected by lancers and surgery when it comes to eye drops and condition increases.
  2. Glaucoma patients should preserve their eyes from dust and dust after surgery. Especially the eyes should not be rub or rub. There should be no pressure on the eyes. Apart from this, the patient can do all the work of his daily routine without any problem.
  3. Take all necessary precautions to avoid glaucoma. Such as wash your hands thoroughly before putting any drop in your eyes. Always Keep the every medicine in a cool and dry place. Put one drop at a time and keep the difference between two medicines for at least half an hour. By continuing to meet eye specialist and taking medicines from time, you can control glaucoma during normal time and provide a normal life.
  4. Many times eye injuries, advanced cataracts, diabetes, eye inflammation, and in some cases steroids may also cause glaucoma. People over 40 years of age who have a family history of glaucoma, are more likely to complain about it.
  5. Try to recognize glaucoma at the beginning. The symptoms are unclear, but regular checking can be done only in the initial stage. There are also some special symptoms, such as pain in the eyes, heaviness, headache, difficulty in seeing light, changing number continuously, and eye blurring etc. You should check immediately.

Home treatment of Glaucoma with Ayurvedic:
Triphala - With its regular consumption, there is a beneficial effect on the health of the eyes

Punarnava - This is diuretic, which gives confirmation to the kidneys and heart. Cleansing the cough present in the chest and stomach removes the toxins from the blood. It can be used as a repetitive Mandur. It provides benefits in the glucoma by providing confirmation to the body.

Amalaki - Amla is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Regular use of this disease amla is part of the prescribed medical method in Ayurveda.

Hartaki - Similarly, Hartaki is also beneficial medicine. It is also used to increase appetite.

Bedda nuts: - This drug is also part of Triphala. It is heart-booster and normally the body's confirmed supplementary medicine.

Guggul - It is about balancing the metabolism of lipids and giving energy to each cell.

Curcumin - The Curcumin present in turmeric protect the body from around 15 diseases. It protects and confirms the brain and heart and calms the form of swelling and swelling. Reasonable use of pure turmeric in the problems of hypertension, stomach disturbances provides definite benefits.

Here have some given of Ayurveda tips for the first time, if you have any query abiua the tips, kindly give comment in the comment box.

Keep in mind this is a better solution for early problem but if you do not get relief from the problem, contact the doctor immediately.

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