How to cure Chickenpox/Shingles with top treatment

How to cure Chickenpox/Shingles with top treatment:
Chicken pox is a very infectious disease, which is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It produces itching spots and red spots or pores (pox) throughout the body. This is the most common among children. Chicken pox is extremely contagious to those who have never suffered before this disease or who have not vaccinated against it.
Chicken pox infection occurs after 10 to 21 days of contact with the virus and usually lasts for approximately 5 to 10 days. Red rashes are the most common signs of chickenpox. Grains appear on the body 2 days after the person is infected. Dana turns into a blister and then bursts and becomes a scab. Other symptoms include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite and muscle pain.
Chicken Pox is usually a soft disease. But this can be serious and can cause complications or death, especially in high-risk people. Chicken pox can give rise to complications such as dehydration, pneumonia, inflamed encephalitis, toxic shock syndrome, including bacterial infections of skin, soft tissues, bones, joints or bloodstream (sepsis).
How to cure Chickenpox/Shingles with top treatment

Mainsymptoms to Chickenpox/Shingles:
  1. Children have fever and stay for two days.
  2. It starts with red emerald.
  3. These rashes later turn into frolics.
  4. The pus comes in, the pus becomes crispy.
  5. It mainly appears on the face, skull, spine and legs.
  6. It has sharp itching.
  7. It is a major symptom of not feeling hungry, vomiting.
  8. This transition begins to cause pimples on some parts of the person's face. Especially there is a risk of wounding around the lips or in the eyes or inside the mouth. Many times it also causes damage to the infected person's eyes. Dissolves in these water donations that occur on any part of the face. It takes at least two to three weeks to recover.
  9. Due to wounds on the face, there is often pain in the muscles and head. There is also a fever as well. These are common symptoms of herpes.
  10. Before becoming lesions and blisters, the patient experiences itching and burning on the infected part.
  11. This infection increases the lymph nodes. This can cause swelling in the neck lymph nerve, which can cause pain and restlessness.

Main causes to Chickenpox/Shingles:
  1. By eating dirty food or drinking water or by eating open foods.
  2. This disease is also caused by excessive coldness or warming.
  3. The bariasela virus is more active in cold, which is the cause of this disease.
  4. The skin which has more sensitive skin, it is more likely to have chicken pox.
  5. Any heavy bathing soap or for a long time
  6. Deteriorating disease resistance: According to doctors, when our body's resistance to immune system weakens, the virus of this disease reaches our skin due to nervous pathway. In this disease, the patient has problems in itching, burning, pain and numbness or tingling. The particular thing about this disease is that pain begins to occur at that particular place only a few days before the release of the rash.
  7. Usually this disease occurs to the person who has already been chicken pox or chicken pox exposure. This disease is caused by the Viral Verlassa Jogger of Chicken Pox. In fact, after recovering chicken pox, the virus goes into the nervous system and it remains in the sleep till the year.
  8. This disease spreads mostly through direct contact. The symptoms of this disease are visible between two days to two weeks of contact with the infected person. It is very important to take care of cleanliness to avoid this disease.

Home remedies for Chickenpox/Shingles:
Generally, most of the symptoms of chickenpox are reduced in about two weeks. Most healthy children and adults do not need medical treatment for chickenpox. However, you can use some of these natural home remedies to reduce some symptoms and to get relief from the itching soon.

Baking soda - Baking soda is very effective in controlling itching and burning sensation due to chicken pox. Baking soda helps the skin maintain its PH levels. Just add half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Use a soft sponge or a gown to apply this solution to the affected parts of the body. In addition, adding a little baking soda to the water can also be helpful for bathing.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) - Neem, also known as Indian lilac, has strong antiviral properties. Therefore, this varicola can combat zoster viruses, and helps to dry the scalp and remove itching. Take a fist neem leaves, crush them and apply paste to the affected areas. Adding leaves of neem with bath water is beneficial.

Carrots and coriander - Carrots and coriander are rich in essential vitamins and minerals which promote the immune system. Apart from this, they help remove harmful toxins from the body and help in purifying them. Boil a cup of chopped carrots and about half cup of fresh coriander in about 2 cups of water. Put it on a low flame for about 15 minutes and then remove it from the gas, filter it. Drink it regularly once a day.

Oats - Due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of oats, it helps to relieve pain and itching. For centuries, oats have been used to remove skin problems. This not only reduces pain and itching, but also fights with chicken pox-spreading virus. To make a fine powder, crush two cups of oats. Mix this oats powder in 2 liters of water and leave it for about 15 minutes. Put oats in a bag of clothes and tighten it. Now soak yourself in this bath water for about 15 minutes.

Honey - Chicken pox can also be used to treat itching and rash. Rub a little honey on the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Prevention tips to Chickenpox/Shingles:
  1. Bath with cold water.
  2. Do not wash wounds repeatedly and keep it dry.
  3. Drink plenty of fluid.
  4. Wear loose clothes.
  5. Wash hands properly before touching the wound.
  6. Irritate with ice.
  7. Apply the cream or lotion on the wound.

Keep in mind this is a better solution for early problem but if you do not get relief from the problem, contact the doctor immediately.

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