How to improve Alzheimer's Disease at any age

How to improve Alzheimer's Disease at any age:
How to improve Alzheimer's Disease at any age
You can forget by placing your glasses, forgetting someone's name, but if you go somewhere to forget that why you have come here, then be conscious. Especially if you are less than 50 then this is a danger bell. Alzheimer's is a brain-related disease that is mostly around the age of 65 years. It is a neurological problem in which brain cells are known to lose weight. This disease starts from the beginning of forgetfulness but gradually becomes dangerous. Alzheimer's disease is difficult for a patient to remember immediately in the early stages. Also, old memories also gradually end. The last stage of Alzheimer's Dementia is quite dangerous.

Main Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease:
  1. As Alzheimer's weakness improves, there are some other signs that,
  2. like forgetting the names of people,
  3. difficulty in expressing their thoughts,
  4. difficulty in following directions,
  5. difficulties in understanding something .
  6. There may be some symptoms such as tailing the same thing over and over again, losing their belongings repeatedly,
  7. losing too much familiarity, etc.
  8. Psychological problems can also be seen in two-thirds of people. Things like irritation, anger and stress etc.
  9. As the patient reaches the middle stage of Alzheimer's and goes on to the next stage, he starts experiencing many kinds of illusions. The patient can say something to look for something that is not around him, or it may seem that someone has touched it, some hear it and smells of something else, and so on.
  10. Practical Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease Patients, Alzheimer's patient's remedies gradually weaken.
  11. It is also the symptoms of this illness to get the right to work properly and not to use the language properly.
  12. Depression in the early days of the disease is also a very common symptom of this disease.
  13. Although the patient is not able to detect depression quickly.
  14. In further cases of illness, the patient is excited.

Causes and Risk factors of Alzheimer's Disease:
So far, the exact cause of Alzheimer's disease is not known, but according to some resorts, Alzheimer's disease is probably due to genetic factors, life style and the surrounding factor affecting the brain.
Risk factor -
Some experts believe that some cells of our brain are destroyed with age or there is a mess in reaching the message. If there is a disease in your family, then the probability of this disease increases. Apart from this, people with diabetes, heart disease, obesity and head injury history are more at risk of this disease. However, age is the biggest risk factor in this disease. These diseases are mostly people who have crossed the age of 60. At an early age you may also be a victim of Alzheimer's. This disease can be seen in one of six people reaching the age of 80 years.

Some Test may Required:
It is better to know alzheimer's disease in the early days. If Alzheimer's is suspected, then contact specialist doctor. He can guess by talking to the patient. After this the patient may have to do tests like CT scan, MRI and PET.

Main Prevention tips of Alzheimer's Disease:
  1. Alzheimer's is considered an incurable disease. If you come into the Risk Factor, then the measures can be taken here to protect you.
  2. Control your weight, take nutritious food, eat fresh fruits and vegetables in good quantity.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Be mentally active, learn something new and develop new hobbies.
  5. Reduce the chances of heart disease by taking appropriate steps.
  6. Increase communication, make friends, and be happy.
  7. Alzheimer's symptoms can be controlled by taking the Mediterranean diet (fish, olive oil, abundant vegetables).
  8. Encouraging the curcumin found in turmeric by nanotechnology in nanoparticles can be helpful in effective treatment of Alzheimer's.
  9. After passing the age of 40, add almonds, tomatoes, fish etc. to your diet regularly.
  10. Do yoga - Yoga is a medium that can be solved by continuing the disease. Experts say that this disease should start exercising only after getting detected in the beginning. Not only this, continuous yoga increases yadastaat also. Therefore, the sufferers of Alzheimer's should do 20 to 25 minutes daily.

I hope above tips will help you, if you want more tips then please comment first.
Keep in mind this is a better solution for early problem but if you do not get relief from the problem, contact the doctor immediately.

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