Want never suffer from Throat Pain then follow these tips

Want never suffer from Throat Pain then follow these tips:
Throat Pain or soreness is a common problem nowadays. Whenever you have a fever more than 38 Degree centigrades, swelling in the neck, difficulty swallowing or stomach ache, there may be infection in your throat. There may be several reasons for sore throat, such as polluted air, changing weather, excessive cold intake, adverse food and so on. Therefore it is important to take care of your throat. We are telling you some home remedies to avoid sore throat and remove it.
Want never suffer from Throat Pain then follow these tips

Symptoms to Throat Pain:
  1. Swelling of the neck.
  2. Pain in the neck.
  3. Throat Pain and irritation when trying to swallow something.
  4. If sore in throat, swelling can occur in the membrane of neck.
  5. Not feeling hungry.

Home remedies for Throat Pain:
Lukewarm water and salt -  The first and easiest way to get relief from throat pain is to put salt in warm water and do it three times a day.What happens, due to infection in your throat, swelling of the cells of the respiratory membrane and swelling of hot water Due to the lack of swelling in the garage, sore thirst is found in the throat. Mix vinegar in lukewarm water and get relief from it.

Steam throat rash - Sometimes the reason for sore throat in your throat can also be dryness of the throat. To get relief in this, you need to steam in a pudding or similar open mouth vessel, put a towel or a large cloth on the head. Doing this twice a day will give you relief.

Ginger and cloves - Ginger and clove rich in antibacterial properties help in recovering from the throat infections. Put a clove in the mouth and gently juice its juice. Boil by adding ginger in a cup of water and when the water is lukewarm, add little honey and drink it three times a day. This is also the home remedy to avoid infection in the throat.

Mulethi remove the stools of the throat - Mulethi is rich in medicinal properties. To avoid sore throat, while you sleep, keeping a small lump of gram mulethi  in the mouth, chewing a few minutes cleans the throat till morning. This removes both pain and swelling.

Black pepper, moss and basil - Mix all the available readily available black pepper and balloons in all the houses and chew them slowly before sleeping in the night. Apart from this, adding 4-5 black pepper and basil leaves in a cup of water and making a decoction also provides relief from drinking. Grind two almonds with black pepper and get relief from it.

Fig and Borax (Suhaga) - One of the many household methods available to remove throat shed is also to boil it by adding 5 figs of water. Then filter it and take it by hot in the morning and evening. Besides this, take half a gram raw suhage in mouth and take benefits then Sucking its advantageous.

Raisin to Throat Pain - Many people often have to be two-to-one with throat infection. They also suffer from throat problems due to allergies in colds. The best remedy for such people is that they should have Eat chewing on four or five raisins in both times but do not drink water from above. You will be relieved to do this for 10 days continuously.

Milk with Water - Drinking by mixing equal amounts of milk and water before sleeping can also benefit from drinking. Doing so brings moisture in the throat.

Spinach - The spinach leaves can also be used for this. For this, you need to grind the spinach leaves and bind it to the neck. Then open this strip after 15-20 minutes.
Fennel - Fennel also provides protection from throat infection. Whenever there is a transition in your throat, you start chewing gum in the morning and chew slowly. This will be even more comforting.

Honey for sore throat - The use of honey is used to cure sore throat from old times, you can take honey directly in your finger or you can take advantage of it in different types of tea by using honey instead of sugar. Several studies have found that honey is effective in removing common cough and reducing the pain of the throat. The properties of honey are wound healing, hence the swelling of the throat

Turmeric milk - Another remedy which can easily remove the sore throat of your throat is turmeric milk, because the use of turmeric milk is being used for centuries in anti-fungal antibacterial properties in the turmeric. Which can remove the sore throat and pain, there are reducing properties that reduce inflammation in the turmeric, which acts as a relief to your throat swelling and pain soon because the turmeric Ayurveda is used as a natural antioxidant biotechnology.

Coconut oil - Coconut oil has covers largest of benefits. Coconut oil is used in every household, it is also used as food. Many studies have shown that coconut oil has the ability to fight infection and swelling Coconut oil is used to reduce and remove the pain.
Coconut oil is very useful to cure throat infection because it serves to provide lubrication to the mucous membrane of the throat, which helps you to remove the throat swallowing.
To remove the sore throat, heated one spoon of coconut oil and mix it in a spoonful soup and take one spoonful of dose in your mouth and keep it in your mouth till it melts completely Go and then swallow it.
Coconut oil can be consumed up to about 2 teaspoons (30 ml) per day, coconut oil should not be consumed in high doses as food.
Coconut oil has a very good effect on the throat, which helps you fight your throat infection. You can use plain teaspoon of about 30 ml per day with plain coconut oil or with a liquid drink. Can do it.

Prevention tips to Throat Pain:
  1. To avoid throat infection, stay away from people who are infected with this type of infectious disease.
  2. If you have had throat infection then you should keep your hands clean and yourself
  3. Keep all the items of your use such as bath towels, clothes, sheets separate and use them only.
  4. Avoid fumes as well as avoid spicy and acidic food.

Keep in mind this is a better solution for early pain but if you do not get relief from the problem, contact the doctor immediately.

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