Death, Asthma And Taxes: Tips To Avoiding Asthma

Death, Asthma And Taxes: Tips To Avoiding Asthma:
Asthma is a chronic disease associated with the airway in the lungs. Through these airways, or bronchial tubes, the air goes in and out of the lungs. If you having asthma then your airways may always swollen. When some triggers your symptoms, swelling increases, and causes muscle tightening around the airways. It makes you breathe harder, and causes symptoms such as cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Asthma attacks can cause life-threatening, if the air flow in the lungs becomes severely blocked.
Symptoms of asthma In contact with an allergy-producing element (such as ragweed, pollen, animal hair or dust particles), problems in the air (such as smoke, chemical fumes or strong deodorant) or starting from extreme weather conditions May be. Exercise, respiratory illness, or flu can also make you more sensitive.
Death, Asthma And Taxes: Tips To Avoiding Asthma

Main Causes of Asthma:
  1. If there is an allergy to something, like eating bananas.
  2. By having air pollution.
  3. Smoke or dust.
  4. Many times eating cold items also cause.
  5. Asthma attack, such as curd meal.
  6. Having dirt in the house, like having cockroaches from home.
  7. Sudden changes in weather.
Main Symptoms of Asthma:
  1. Feeling hard to breathe.
  2. Breathing time on the chest.
  3. Cough and mucus.
  4. Feeling uneasy while sleeping at night.
  5. Breathing by doing a little physical work.
  6. Trouble breathing by having a slight dust or smoke.

Home Remedies for Asthma:
So friends should know asthma treatment in Hindi so that you can avoid this disease. As you have already said, asthma is not a permanent ilaj but its prevention can be treated at home. So let's know what else home remedies are from asthma.

Honey - An accurate home medicine that you can give to asthma sufferers. If you are troubled by repeated complaints of frequent asthma, then take hot water and honey and steam, then it will get relief immediately. Anti-bacterial that is found in Honey helps fight mucus.

Cloves - Whichever cloves also speak, it is a great beneficial use. 5 Take a clove, boil it in a cup of water for 10 minutes and after eating it, one spoon of honey should be consumed daily before going to sleep with honey.

Ginger - The Ginger, which is also spoken, has its average usage. Take a ginger piece and squeeze the juice and eat its juice with one spoon twice a day. Keep this process running for at least 1 month so that you can understand the difference.

Mustard Oil - Take Mustard oil and add camphor and massage it over the chest. Before massage, make sure to heat the oil lightly before massage so that your chest feels warm and can get relief quickly. Do this process before sleeping in the night so that it will have more effect.

Fish - Especially salmon fish and tuna fish can be effective in treating the problem of asthma. Fish fight lungs with the problem of asthma and make them stronger effectively. However, if you can not cook these fish, then you can choose their oils in the alternative form.

Green Tea - Herbal tea and drink it at least twice a day, hot. Add it to your habit, because the elements found in it are helpful in eliminating asthma.

Turmeric - Before bedtime, one glass of hot milk should be mixed in combination with turmeric and ghee (pure ghee). It is a beverage beverage that helps to get rid of frozen mucus out of the body.

Inhalers - Inhalers can also be used in consultation with Doctor, which gives quick relief with asthma. By using this inhaler we can control asthma.

Keep Home Clean - Keep the home environment airy and clean. Do not allow any kind of dust to freeze in your homes, for this you must clean the house in every two to day intervals. To maintain fresh environment at home, keep the windows of the houses open.

Gooseberries - Amla is a multi-purpose fruit, this fruit removes many kinds of diseases. Amla is good for asthma. Crush some curries and eat it with honey, it can get rid of asthma soon.

Onions - Onions are known for anti-inflammatory properties, and they are helpful in cleaning our airways. Therefore, if you are suffering from asthma, then you should consume more onions, cook it as a raw salad or vegetables and eat it.

Friends, please share it more and more to others, if with your one share someone life alive then nothing is good in this world.
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Note: This is best tips for cure of Asthma (Ashma).
If the problem is serious then immediately refer a Doctor.

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