Here Is A Quick Cure For BLEEDING GUMS

Here Is A Quick Cure For BLEEDING GUMS:
Regular bleeding from your gums can be a sign of some serious diseases such as platelet disorder or leukemia. If you do not take care of it properly, it can take form of gingivitis ie gingivitis or swelling in the gums. Blood in the gums is a medical condition in which the gums appear to be swollen and bleeding often occurs during brushing and eating some stiff food. This is usually due to lack of hygiene in the mouth. Let's light some home remedies to prevent bleeding from gums.
Here Is A Quick Cure For BLEEDING GUMS
Main Symptoms of Bleeding Gums:
  1. Gingivitis.
  2. Pain around the mouth and gums.
  3. Dark red or red-purple gums.
  4. Gestational pain.
  5. The distance between gums and teeth increases.
  6. Mouth odor or mouth odor
  7. Toothache.

Main Causes of Bleeding Gums:
Dental and other physical problems can also cause bleeding from the gums, besides some lifestyle issues that can cause bleeding from the gums.

Vitamin C deficiency - When a person's diet does not contain enough fruits and vegetables, then it may be due to vitamin C deficiency. They cause pain and swelling in the gums, which can cause bleeding.

Liver Diseases - Diseases and diseases caused by any type of liver inhibit the functioning of the liver, which may lead to bleeding in the gums.

Cancer - Due to some types of cancer such as leukemia (Leukaemia / blood cancer) or bone marrow cancer, bleeding is due to gum.

Vitamin K deficiency - Vitamin K is an important element for the clotting process in the body. Therefore, when Vitamin K deficiency occurs, the tendency to bleed anywhere in the body increases, including gum.
Hormonal changes in women - It occurs during pregnancy, usually it starts in the second month or third month of pregnancy and lasts for the eighth month, due to which the gums can cause pain, swelling and bleeding. Some berth control products taken by mouth can also cause blood in the gums.

Do not keep mouth cleanliness - Blood may come from them even after swelling of the gums, and this happens when people do not keep their teeth clean. It begins to cause problems in the gums, and they become red and they develop swelling and pain. So that they start bleeding easily. '

Crooked teeth - These teeth can be very difficult to clean, because the food can be trapped between two teeth. It causes swelling in the gums and can easily cause blood.

Gum Injury - It is used to brush with more pressure, use more hard-hair brushes or rubbing gums more heavily than teeth (neem etc.). In it germs can also be wounded.

Bleeding Disorders - Genetic and unknown origins (which can not be detected) are bleeding disorders, which increase the general tendency of bleeding. It can appear first through bleeding.

Medicines - Some types of medicines, such as heart attacks and medicines given for stroke (aspirin), medicines given for epilepsy, chemotherapy for cancer, etc. may also cause bleeding in the gums.

Home Remedies of Bleeding Gums:
Citrus fruits: If you have bleeding from your gums then one reason for this is that vitamin C may also be due to your body. In such a way, for the supply of Vitamin C, you should eat citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, etc. and vegetables especially broccoli and cabbage. This will reduce bleeding.

Milk: Calcium is also necessary for our gums. The best source of calcium is milk. If you consume milk, your bleeding gums can end. For this, you should regularly take milk.

Raw vegetables: There is also bleeding due to absence of blood circulation in the gums. For this, chewing raw sauces can be a good option. It also clears your teeth. If you habitually eat raw vegetables, you can avoid such problems.

Cranberry and wheat grass juice: You can use cranberry or wheat grass juice to relieve the bleeding from the gums. Its juice is composed of antibacterial properties so that the bacteria can be eradicated from your gums.

Baking soda: Baking soda is also used for caring for gums. In fact, baking soda is used to prepare a micro-environment and kill the bacteria in the mouth. If you want, you can put it on your gums with finger too.

Cloves: Cloves are one of those medicinal herbs we have been using to remove our problems since ancient times. Whenever you have such a problem, then you should put a clove in your mouth. It relieves But if this happens for a long time, you should seek medical advice.

Kapoor, PepperMint oil: There are several ways to make gums healthy. One of them is Kapoor and PepperMint oil. You can use it to keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Calendula's Leaf and Chamomile Tea: To prevent bleeding from the gums, you should drink such tea which should be cooked by putting the leaves of calendula and chamomile. Because it prevents bleeding in the gums.

Stop fatty food: Whenever you eat fatty foods, you eat tart and more food, the food is trapped in place between teeth, which starts to rot. This decay leads to the fact that it causes bleeding in the gums. There is also a risk of gingivitis later on. Therefore, avoiding fat fatty food should be avoided as far as possible.
Prevention tips of Bleeding Gums:
  1. Do not smoke - One of the major causes of smoking is that it creates an anaerobic environment in the mouth, which is good for bacterial birth. So if you want a mouth free of bacteria, then you should not smoke.
  2. Show dentist - If you do not stop bleeding from your gums, then the dentist should be shown, changing mouth-care habits, taking medicines properly and consuming a healthy diet. The dentist will examine your gums and determine if you have a serious problem.
  3. Ask the doctor about your medications - There are also some medicines that increase the chance of bleeding from the gums. Some painkillers like aspirin dilute blood, which cause bleeding. In such cases, doctors prescribe other medicines instead of these drugs.
  4. Check your toothbrush - If bleeding from your gums and your toothbrush is hard hair, then use a soft-haired toothbrush in its place.
  5. Eat good and balanced food - A balanced diet, which contains abundant vitamins C and calcium, can reduce the chances of gingival problems in you.
  6. Drink plenty of water - Drinking plenty of water is good for health, especially after eating food after drinking water, pieces of food stuck in the teeth are released. By which the bacteria can not form a plaque that can damage the gum.
  7. Do not eat tobacco products - If you smoke or use other tobacco products, try to leave them.
  8. Be vigilant towards extremely hot or cold food and beverages - If you have problems related to the gums, then you will feel that you are more convincing about taking light warm and cold foods.
  9. Relax - Mental stress boosts levels of the stress hormone, which increases your swelling in other parts of the body including your gums.

Keep in mind this is a better solution for early problem but if you do not get relief from the problem, contact the doctor immediately.

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