Most Important Facts Everyone Should Know About BRAIN HEMORRHAGE

Most Important Facts Everyone Should Know About BRAIN HEMORRHAGE:
Brain hemorrhage is a kind of mental stroke. This is due to the rupture of the artery (artery: blood vessels from the heart to the rest of the body) in the brain, which causes bleeding in nearby tissues. Hemorrhage from brain hemorrhage destroys brain cells.
Man's mind is inside the skull. Due to bleeding through the brain, pressure arises between the scalp and the brain that can damage many parts of the brain. In the brain, when bleeding due to a ruptured blood vessel, it is called hemorrhagic stroke.Brain hemorrhage high BP, extremely weak blood vessels through which bleeding, due to drug misuse and trauma (trauma: severe injury).
People who have had brain hemorrhage are the same symptoms as stroke. At the same time, a part of the body may feel weakness, difficulty in speaking, or the body's numbness. Trouble working daily, such as falling on the move is also a symptom of brain hemorrhage.
Brain hemorrhage is a deadly condition and it is very important to treat it immediately.

Most Important Facts Everyone Should Know About BRAIN HEMORRHAGE

Main Causes to Brain Hemorrhage:
There are two main reasons for having a brain attack.
Ischemic Stroke - Anemia Brain Attack
Hemorrhagic Stroke - Brain Attack of the Brain
1) Ischemic Stroke - Anemia Brain Attack
This is the most common reason for having stroke. Approximately 81 to 86% of people have brain problems because of this. It is caused by narrowing or blocking of any blood vessel in the brain. Its main 2 reasons are:
Thrombotic Stroke - During this type of brain, obstruction occurs due to the accumulation of blood in the blood vessel of the brain or clot. In patients with high levels of cholesterol in the blood, the fats accumulate at the inner level in the blood vessel of such patients, which is called plaque. Once the blood clot is deposited on this accumulated plaque, the obstruction in the entire blood vessel is gradually formed and the thrombotic stroke falls on the part of the brain that does not receive blood.
Embolic Stroke - In this type of brain blood clot or by injection or saline mistakenly entering the blood vessel, the small bubble of the air gets infected in the arteries due to a small blood vessel in the brain, and in the brain Embolic stroke falls on the part of the blood when the blood is not found.

2) Hemorrhagic Stroke - Brain Attack of the Brain
This cerebral attack due to bleeding in the arteries of the brain is extremely serious. Birth control can occur in the brain because of high blood pressure, congenital deformity of blood vessel or bloated blood vessel (Aneurysms). There are two types:
Intracranial Hemorrhage - In this way, due to bleeding in the arteries of the brain, that part of the brain damage brain cells due to a decrease in blood supply. The main reason for this kind of brain tour is Hypertension. For many consecutive periods due to high blood pressure, the vein becomes weak and hard and results burst.
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - In this way blood is collected in subArachnoid space due to haemorrhage in any blood vessel in the level between the brain and the cranial. The main reason is the congenital deformity of the blood vessel or the anneurs in the blood vessel. In this way the patient experiences a strong headache.
The risk of stroke is mainly higher when:
  1. Patient suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or high LDL cholesterol.
  2. Stroke risk is 2 to 3 times higher in diabetic patients.
  3. Someone whose family has a history of brain attack / stroke.
  4. 40 to 50% of patients with high blood pressure are susceptible to brain attack / stroke.
  5. Person over 55 years old.
  6. Sickle Cell Anemia or Migraine Patient.
  7. Tensioned person.
  8. Regular liquor and tobacco intake or smoking person.
  9. Patients with congenital blood vessel
  10. Whose weight is high.
  11. Those who are slow and do not exercise any kind of exercise.
  12. Who is taking pills of contraception, tablets, Hormones.

Main Symptoms to Brain Hemorrhage:
The following symptoms of brain attack / stroke include:
  1. Suddenly, there is a lot of pain in the head.
  2. Touring that has never happened before today.
  3. Feeling weak in the side or leg.
  4. Vomiting.
  5. Feeling lethargic.
  6. Changes in the ability to see changes.
  7. Any part of the body is numb.
  8. Trouble speaking and understanding.
  9. Having trouble swallowing something with your mouth.
  10. Having trouble writing and reading.
  11. Dissolving the coordination between the muscles of the hands, which makes the hands tremble.
  12. Co-ordination in body parts.
  13. The sour chest from which you can not stand or sit properly.
  14. Do not know the way to taste.
  15. Feeling unconscious.
  16. You can take help of FAST to identify the symptoms listed above and to immediately identify patients with cerebral visits and take them to hospital and take treatment.

FAST means -
F - Facial Weakness: Ask the patient to laugh. If his face, lips and eyes hang on one side, then it is a symptom of brain attack.
A - Arm Weakness: Ask the patient to raise his hand and spread it in front. If the patient does not get one hand and bends down immediately after getting up, then it is a symptom of cerebral seizures.
S - Speech Difficulty: Ask the patient some questions. If he can not speak properly and his voice falter, even with short sentences, it is a symptom of brain tour.
T Time (Time to Act): In such a situation, the patient should be taken to the hospital immediately to the doctor. In the first 3-hour golden period, the patient can be protected from brain damage due to treatment.
Brain Attack / Stroke is such -

Prevention tips to Brain Hemorrhage:
To avoid stroke, the following measures should be taken:
  1. Stop drinking alcohol, tobacco and smoking.
  2. If you are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or high LDL cholesterol then keep checking with regular doctors and keep taking medicines according to doctor's advice.
  3. Fruits, vegetables, etc. should take a balanced diet.
  4. Stay away from stress.
  5. Regular exercise and yoga / pranayama.
  6. If you are obese then keep your weight under control. Read Weight Loss
  7. If you have frequent headache problems then the doctor should check it. According to the doctor's advice, may be checked by CT Scan or MRI.
  8. If you do not have any problems then even after 30 years of age, you should have a physician checked once in a year.
  9. In the world every 40 to 45 minutes, someone visits a brain stroke / stroke. A person dies due to brain attack / stroke every 3 minutes. This is the third largest mortality problem after heart disease and cancer. If we all take a little caution, remember FAST's rules and deliver this message to the people, then this disease can be prevented in a great extent by damage to the brain and the side effects.

How is the treatment of Brain Hemorrhage?
It is important to take care of those who have suffered bleeding inside the brain. When treating brain hemorrhages, their BP and respiratory reaction are stabilized. The ventilator is used to give sufficient quantity of oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body.
If the patient is unconscious, then the needle is inserted into her nerves and given medicines and food. Heartbeat, blood-oxygen level and pressure inside the skull have to be periodically tested.
After stabilizing the patient's condition, the process of checking his hemorrhoid is started. The patient has to be stable quickly and the process of checking the bleeding is also started soon so that the patient is not harmed. The size of the hemorrhoid and what part of the brain has happened, only after knowing this is decided to do the surgery and how to do it. It is not necessary to undergo surgery with every intracranial hemorrhage.
Medicines can also be used to reduce the swelling around the hemorrhoid, BP can be frozen and preventing seizures can be stopped. If the patient is conscious, then he needs pain relief medicines.

Note: I hope the above tips will help you, but if you are not getting any result with above tips the immediate refer a Doctor to avoid Brain Hemorrhage.

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