Find Out Now, What Should You Do In OVARIAN CANCER

Find Out Now, What Should You Do In OVARIAN CANCER:
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In the post we will give you detailed information about ovarian cancer in women. Ovarian cancer begins with women's ovaries. Ovaries are called reproductive glands. Through which women reproduce, that is, the egg is produced in the ovary itself for reproduction. Ovarian cancer is also known as ovarian cancer and ovary cancer.
These eggs, which are in the ovaries, enter the womb of women through Fallopian tubes. Where the fertilized egg enters, and it develops only in the embryo. In women, two types of hormones are found in estrogen and progesterone, these hormones are mainly depleted in the female ovaries. Ovarian cancer can happen to any woman at any age, but the risk of overrun cancer in growing age increases among women. Compared to other cancers, the chances of having cancer in women ovaries are up to 4%.
Ovarian cancer spreads very rapidly, due to which most women die as a victim of this cancer. On the third and fourth stage, treatment of ovarian cancers can only be done to some degree. You should be fully informed about the symptoms and causes of oral cancer, to prevent prevalence and treatments at the right time.

Types of Ovarian Cancer:
Ovarian Teratoma - Teratoma is very rare to get cancerous, but it can occur in women 20 to 25 years too. Ovary teratoma is a cell tumor containing germs.

Ovary Granulosa Cell Tumor - It is a stromal tumor and is very dangerous. Women who suffer from this type of oral cancer, it is possible to treat only four to five women.

Primary Peritoneal Cancer - This is a rare type of cancer that occurs in peritoneum. It is similar to epithelial cancer, which is the common type of ovary cancer.

Fallopian Tube Cancer - This cancer is found only in 1% of the women.

Borderline Ovarian Tumors - This cancerous tumor is made up of abnormal cells. This type of tumor is formed in the tissues covering the ovary or covering. Usually these are not considered cancerous and it can be cured easily through surgery.

Stages of Ovarian Cancer:
By what method to treat ovarian cancer, this depends on which phase of cancer has reached. In view of how large the cancerous tumor is spreading and how many parts of the body have been made, the steps of Ovarian Cancer have been made keeping in view that it plays a very important role in its successful treatment.

Stage 1 - In stage 1 the cancerous tumor spreads in one or both eggs.

Stage 2 - In the stage 2 the cancer of the ovarian tumor spreads to the pelvis.

Stage 3 - Stage 3 spreads to cancerous tumor stomach.

Stage 4 - In stage 4 the tumor of the cancer spreads out of the stomach or to other parts of the body.
Main Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer:
  1. Pain in the pelvic or stomach
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Having problems
  4. Stomach upset
  5. Frequent washing room
  6. Always be tired in body
  7. aching back
  8. Pressure in the pelvic region
  9. stomach enlargement
  10. Problem of constipation
  11. Stomach swelling

Main Causes of Ovarian Cancer:
  1. Ovarian cancer is genetic. If your family or any close relatives have ever been overwhelmed with cancer, then you increase the chances of having oral cancer.
  2. How many ovulation of women has occurred, this depends on the importance of Ovarian cancer. The woman who does pregnancies more often, it reduces the risk of getting cancer. On the contrary, the women who have never conceived or have not consumed the contraceptive pills, chances increase due to this cancer.
  3. Hormone replacement therapy causes some women due to hormonal problems. Hormone replacement therapy may the chances of ovarian cancer.
  4. Ovarian cancer can happen at any age, but increasing age increases its risk. After crossing the age of 65, the risk of overular cancer increases.
  5. Breast cancer increases the risk of ovarian cancer, which means the women who have breast cancer increases the risk of developing oral cancer.
  6. According to a research, women with endometriosis treatment increase the risk of ovarian cancer increases by 30%.
  7. Women who have low reproductive capacity and are treating it, they also increase the risk of Ovarian cancer.
  8. Obesity is one of the reasons for many types of deadly and dangerous diseases including ovarian cancers.

Prevention Tips of Ovarian Cancer:

  1. If you want to avoid ovarian cancer, first of all check your blood-calcium rate from time to time. If the blood-calcium rate is high, then the risk of oral cancer increases, so keep the balance of blood-calcium rate. This will reduce the risk of this cancer.
  2. Hysterectomy and tubal ligation, Ovarian cancer greatly reduces the risk of cancer.
  3. Consumption of contraceptive golos reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. Even after 30 years of closing the contraceptive golio, you are not at risk of ovarian cancers.
  4. To keep the weight of the weight in the control of ovarian cancer. For this you should exercise daily and exercise.
  5. If you want to protect against Ovarian Cancer, you will not be able to consume drugs, such as smoking, alcohol, alcohol and tobacco.
  6. If someone in your family has ever had uterine cancer, colon cancer or prostate cancer, then you should check it regularly, because all these cancers increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

Treatment of Ovarian Cancer:
Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy is used to destroy cancerous cells through a special type of drug. There are 3 to 6 sessions of chemotherapy. These are called chemotherapy sessions. A chemotherapy session is done in three to four weeks intervals, so that the patient can easily recover from it.

Hormone Therapy - Estrogen is prevented from reaching cancerous cells through hormonal therapy. The decrease of estrogen decreases the development of cancerous cells.

Medications - Trying to destroy cancer cells through medication like Olaparib and Bevacizumab. The biggest advantage of this is that it protects the normal cells from harm.

Radiotherapy - Radiation therapy is used less in the treatment of ovarian cancers, because it is less effective. Radiation therapy is used only when signs of cancer in the reproductive system or symptoms of advanced cancer.

Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer:
  1. Full blood count
  2. HCG level test
  3. Alpha-fetoprotein ​​test
  4. Cancer Antigen 125 Rate Test
  5. Lactate Dehydrogenase Level Test
  6. Kidney test
  7. Testosterone, estrogen and inhibin test

Do not eat in Ovarian Cancer:
  1. High fat diet
  2. Carbonated soda
  3. Red meat
  4. Dairy Products
  5. High protein diet
  6. Caffeine
  7. Wines, Smoking and Tobacco

What to eat in Ovarian Cancer:
  1. Soya, tofu, soybean
  2. Daily two cups green tea
  3. Fresh green leafy vegetables
  4. Beetroot, tomatoes and carrots
  5. Linseed
  6. Ginger
  7. Foods containing carbohydrates, minerals, fiber and vitamins

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