How to cure FOOD POISONING with Effective tips

How to cure FOOD POISONING with Effective tips:
Although food and water give our body the power to remain active, but sometimes it is taken from the water if negligence and dirt, it also breaks the body. Yes, there is a disease caused by contaminated food, food poisoning.
Most cases of food poisoning are cured within a few days, but infants, pregnant women and the elderly should try to stop them from being food-pyvasinising. Because this leads to a lot of harm to them. This is a disease that you can treat in a couple of days or in a week itself. But negligence in this case can bring a crisis of stomach related serious diseases in the future. Therefore it is important that you have full knowledge about this disease, from which time it can be controlled or in the early stages.
When the damaging bacteria go inside our body, we can have food poisoning. When we have to stop it, first of all, cleanliness should be taken care of. Fruit and vegetables should be washed and eaten. By doing this we can avoid the danger of food poisoning and when we become food poisoning, then we should take some home remedies.
We can avoid the causes of symptoms of food poison and by avoiding the symptoms of food poisoning. But what to do when food poisoning happens to us. So friends do not need to worry. We will tell you to adopt some home remedies if you have food poison and get fit fast.

How to cure FOOD POISONING with Effective tips

Main Symptoms to Food Poisoning:
When food poisoning occurs, many types of diseases appear in the body, like -
  1. There seems to be severe pain in the stomach.
  2. Every 15 to 20 mint vomits in the interval.
  3. Due to diarrhea, Loose Motion starts happening.
  4. The food doesn't digest, by eating anything, it immediately turns out as a vomit.
  5. Headache seems to happen
  6. The body feels very tired and weakness. The body seems to be lifeless.
  7. Frequent vomiting.
  8. Abdominal pain.
  9. Stale food intake.
  10. Use of dirty water while cooking.
  11. Flies sit.
  12. Do not wash vegetables and fruits well.
  13. Food with dirty hands etc.

Main Causes to Food Poisoning:
Food poisoning is most of the time when we do not pay attention to cleaning things like eating
Food poisoning is caused by consuming contaminated food. like-
  1. While cooking food in the house, if it is used to wash dirty water, or if the use of wastewater is used in cooking then it can be food poisoning.
  2. Harmful bacteria reaches food even after dirty food is not covered by food. Which leads to food poisoning.
  3. Often in the food shops engaged in the street, food items are not kept under cover, due to which the blown blowing of the road reaches directly to the food. On the other hand, the dirty fly also reaches the food, which leads to harmful bacteria in the food. When we eat that food, then it gets sick.
  4. If there is no cleaning of water tank used in the house for a long time, the water becomes contaminated. When we use that water in any form, then this disease is suspected.
  5. The problem of food poisoning is not just due to contaminated food, sometimes it is also eaten by eating our dirty hands.

Prevention tips to Food Poisoning:
  1. Wash your hands before and after cooking, especially raw, after touching the flesh.
  2. Wash kachik green greens before cooking or before washing them.
  3. Cook the food until its toxic elements get out. Also keep food always in a clean container.
  4. Keep the remaining food in the fridge immediately after eating.
  5. Do not eat food that is kept open in the open for many days and the smell has started coming out from it. Also, if the date on the packet has expired, then do not eat it.
  6. Wash your hands with soap after washing with toilet. If you have a pet at home then wash hands after touching it.
  7. Take a home made hot and fresh food during your stay. Do not keep cold and raw food until it is peeling, like banana.
  8. Always buy food items from reliable stores. Always avoid rotten and any kind of abnormalities. If food is packaged then always read its X-phase date.
  9. If there is any kind of worm or spleen in whole grains, do not take it at all.
  10. Frozen food items should be purchased at the end of the shopping, so that they can be kept in the water at your refrigerator soon after going to the house.
  11. Here are some tips that can help reduce the trouble of food poisoning and help you recover faster.
  12. Drink as much as you like - Take water, decaffeinated tea or juice that you can drink, it can help you remove the lack of fluid and it will also be helpful in preventing dehydration.
  13. Try to fully absorb alcohol, milk or caffeinated beverages.
  14. Start eating soft foods such as rice, banana, toast, etc.
  15. Start taking probiotics in your food, probiotics are helpful in bringing good vectors in the intestines and helping to improve your health quickly.
  16. Begin taking Tulsi, cumin, fennel, coriander, such as herbs during triage food poisoning.
  17. Relax as much as possible because food poisoning increases the blood.

Home remedies to remove Food Poisoning:
Ginger - Our dishes from Ginger are delicious, as well as it is also a home remedy for digestive problems. Taking a few drops of ginger juice in one teaspoon honey, stomach ache gets cured.

Cumin Seeds - Cumin is very beneficial when food poisoning occurs. Grind a spoonful roasted cumin seeds and mix it in your soup, reduces stomach inflammation and pain.

Apple cider vinegar - Due to its alkaline properties vinegar, especially the apple cider vinegar, gastro is relaxing in the intestinal lining. It prevents bacteria from growing in the stomach. This can reduce the effect of food poisoning rapidly.

Basil - Tulsi infection is a great way to treat. If you have food poisoning, mixing one teaspoon of honey in the juice of basil leaves gives a great benefit to you.

Eat Fruit - Bananas contain high amounts of potassium, so whenever we have food poisoning, it should be eaten well. Banana contains the oxidant, which is helpful in maintaining coolness in the liver. Apart from this, the same quality is also in apple. If you have food poisoning, mash the apple and bananas properly, then taking this mixture three to four times a day gives relief.

Lemon syrup - In a glass of water, prepare lemon juice, salt, and sugar and prepare a solution, then drink that solution, keep taking it between one to two hours.

Peppermint Tea - Peppermint tea is not just aromatherapy, but peppermint oil is also known for its soothing effect. Food poisoning is extremely beneficial for people with stomach cramps. Adding a few drops in your tea, see how your stomach cramps disappear within a few hours.

Curd - You have always heard that eating curd is good digestion. Therefore curd should eat before and after eating it. Because of the antibacterial properties present in it, it destroys the hybridization present in the liver. It also removes stomach irritation due to its consumption during the summer.

Khichadi - Patients with food poisoning should slack, because it is easily digested due to being light.

Drink plenty of water - Whenever food poisoning happens, first of all, we should pay attention to the fact that there is no shortage of water in the body. Therefore, we should drink more water, as well as keep soup, rice water, coconut water, khichadi, glucose etc.

Note: Keep in mind that even after using such precautions and these tips, if you do not get relief from food poisoning, contact the doctor immediately.

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