How to treat Menstruation in 2019

How to treat Menstruation in 2019:
Often always, the laughable flirtatious girls also seem to be hiding themselves for a few days of the month, miserable Sharma. And at the same time, if we look at it, we will find that some of the family members are cut off from them. Many things go to many places to touch them but they are forbidden. Yes, you are right. We are talking about the Periods of Periods. It is not only women but also the most important event for human growth. So let us know today why the periods are due to the exact time, significance etc.
Periods or menstrual women are called red colored secretions from vagina every month. They have to face a lot of dilemma when the girls do not have complete knowledge about periods. In the absence of information for the first time, girls are very scared. He feels very embarrassed and suffers from guilt.

Periods are also known as rajodharma. This physical process is more important than all the actions, because this process of human beings comes from this process. Man can not be born without it Nature has given women the ability to produce womb ovarian fallopian tubes, and by giving them the vagina. Therefore periods or menstruation should be a matter of pride, not shame or inferiority. Just need to understand and handle it. There is absolutely no need to feel intimidated or to feel inferior to being wrong or messy by this process. Periods menstruation should be considered as a general physical activity such as boiling or sneezing. Feeling hungry, thirsty or swollen soup.
How to treat Menstruation in 2019

Main Symptoms of Menstruation:
Pain in the breasts: Hormones also change due to pregnancy. In such cases, there may be pain in the breasts, besides some spots. If period has disappeared then it can be taken care of and pregnancy test can be done.
Dizziness or stomach trouble may occur in the morning after pregnancy. In such a situation, This happens due to changes in hormones and women feel uncomfortable. Constipation and gas in the beginning can also be a problem.
Even if you are drinking regular water, swelling may come in the body i.e. the amount of water increases. Clothes may seem to be tight. This happens due to progesterone hormone increases.
Mood swing: Pregnancy often has mood swings. This symptom is also caused by hormonal changes. In such cases, women are more passionate. In such a situation, it is not good for women to be alone.
During pregnancy, women are more interested in eating favorite food. If they also get the aroma of their favorite food then they can not stop themselves.
The signs of spots can also be seen. There may be slight bleeding during pregnancy. It can be said that even in pregnancy several times the period does not completely disappear but it may be slightly bleeding.
If you do not do too much work, you also feel tired. At this time mood swings are high and there is also slight pain in the hands leg.
This symptom of pregnancy can also be that despite taking enough sleep, laziness is felt and there is a sense of sleep. In this way blood circulation is reduced.
Women may have to use more bathroom use during pregnancy. When it comes to urine more than normal, it can be a sign of pregnancy.

Monthly cycle:
Regular period between two periods is called Menstruation Cycle. Having Menses on a regular basis means that all the reproductive organs of the body are healthy and doing good work. Because of the monthly cycle, such hormones are formed that keep the body healthy. Every month, these hormones prepare the body for conceiving.
The day of the monthly cycle is counted from the first day of the beginning of the Period until the first day of the beginning of the next period. Girls can have a monthly cycle of 21 days to 45 days. Women can have a monthly cycle of 21 days to 35 days. Normally the monthly cycle is 28 days.
Changes in body during menstrual cycle:
Changes in Hormones - In the early days of the monthly cycle, hormones called estrogen start growing. This hormone keeps the body healthy, especially it strengthens the bones. Also, due to this hormone, the inner wall of the uterus forms a velvety layer of blood and tissue so that it can grow rapidly by getting the nutrition of the fetus. These layers are made of blood and tissue.
Ovulation - In the order of childbirth, one of the ovaries, a developed egg, emerges from the ovum and reaches the fallopian tubes. This is called ovulation. Usually this happens on the 14th day of the monthly cycle. Some reasons may be a little further behind.
At the time of ovulation some hormones such as estrogen reach the maximum level. Due to this, blood circulation increases around the genitals. The vaginal secretion changes. Due to which women's sexual diversity increases. Therefore, the chances of getting pregnant on sexual intercourse during these periods increase.
Egg - In the fallopian tubes, if the egg is fertilized by sperm, then the development phase of the embryo begins. After 12 hours the egg gets damaged. Estrogen hormone levels decrease when the eggs are damaged. The need for uterine blood and tissue layer is eliminated. And in this way, the layer disappears and it passes through the vagina. It is also called periods, menstrual cycle, month coming or rajodharma. And the woman passing through this period is called a rajaswala.
Bleeding - In the mind of the times, it often comes to mind in mind that how long the bleeding should be and how much quantity should be considered as normal. Period i.e. the secretion of the time of MC is not the only blood. There are also destroyed tissues. So, thinking that so much blood was released from the body, I should not worry. In this, blood quality is about 50 ml. Naturally periods occur from three to six days. And the amount of secretion can also be different. If the secretion continues for more than one day then the doctor should contact.

Characteristics of Before Periods:
Girls may initially have irregular periods, periods for more or less days, more or less release of secretion, depression etc. Apart from this, the symptoms of PMS i.e. before the periods occur. Different women may have different symptoms of PMS. At this time there may be swelling or pain in the legs, back and fingers. Feelings of heaviness, pain or baldness in the breasts may be felt. Headache, migraine, more or less hunger, acne, stains on the skin, etc. Such symptoms begin to cure themselves after the period started. So, in these days, you should be a support dame and strengthen yourself.

Age of period arrives:
Generally, periods in girls start at 11 to 14 years of age. But if you get late or late, do not worry. Starting periods means that a girl can become a mother. Periods and ovulation in the beginning
There may be differences in time. That is, the periods may not start but the ovulation has started. This can be conceived in such a way. And vice versa is also possible. It is very important that it is possible to be pregnant even when the periods do not start, so be careful.

Encourage Teenagers:
Explaining the physical changes in girls or about 10 to 11 years of age, should explain how to manage it by giving information about menstrual cycle. So that they are mentally prepared for this normal procedure in the body. At the same time, you also need to understand that there is nothing like the impurity in the Periods of Creation. This is a normal physiological function that gives a feeling of responsibility. Because of this, girls should not be allowed to jump or jump to play. But care should be given about the possibility of conceiving the girls so that they remain alert.

On arrival periods:
All women should remember the dates of the periods so that you are already ready.
Do not stop yourself from anything during this time. Live the normal lifestyle only. Just get some rest if you get an opportunity.

Home remedies of Menstruation:
Burning with ice - When the periods come, the body temperature is high due to which the periods come. And when this temperature gets bigger then the blood cells spread more and due to which more bleeding starts.
But during the periods, the temperature of the body goes down if the ice is baked. And the blood cells are shrunk and more bleeding stops. Only the presence of blood does not come from ice cream, but it is also beneficial in stomachache.
Take a piece of ice and wrap it in a toob, then strain the stomach. You should do this for 10-15 minutes and then lie down on the back for some time and rest. If you still do not get any relief after this, then you will do the same again and this measure will be done in a 4 hour interval.

Coriander seeds - Coriander seeds are very good in relieving this problem. Coriander seeds are also used in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, the seeds of coriander are used in the form of medicines to work properly with the uterus and to maintain proper harmonic balance in women.
Take a glass of water and put a spoonful coriander powder in it and heat it until the water gets half. Then keep it cool for cooling and when it is light green, add honey in it and consume it, take 2-3 times during periods, this will give you relief soon.

Apple vinegar - Apple vinegar is consumed in the prevention of heavy bleeding. This vinegar exits the harmful toxic substances that make up your body, which prevents proper harmonic balance. And there is no heavy bleeding, but it also reduces headache, tiredness and stomach ache.
Take a glass of water and put one teaspoon apple vinegar in it. And drink it to mix, take it 3 times a day, it will give you better results. (Measures to prevent heavy bleeding)

Red Chilli - Red pepper helps in making a blood attack in the body. And also maintains harmonious balance, which does not have heavy bleeding at the time of Period, it is beneficial for the body.
Take a glass of water in a vessel, and add half a teaspoon red chilli and mix it well. Then add half a teaspoon of honey and mix it and boil it and you will drink it twice a day, it will be beneficial for you.

Iron Diet - Blood is required in our body and iron is in it to keep blood red. And due to excessive bleeding during periods, there is a lack of blood in the body. Which is made of iron deficiency anemia, you should take iron-rich food during periods.
Whichever fruits and vegetables contain iron, they should consume more amounts. Like green vegetables, red meat, raisins, melons, eggs, etc. should be taken in the appropriate amount.

Omega 3 - Omega 3 is also helpful in relieving the troubles of periods. For this, you can consume fish oil or linseed seed.

Ginger - Boil ginger well in water and make decoction after eating this dish in the day.

Cinnamon - Take a cup of water and put some cinnamon in it and boil it and drink it, it will benefit you.

Mustard - Grind 40 grams of mustard and make powder and now take 2 grams of powder twice a day with milk.

Note: Keep in mind that even after using such tips, if you do not get relief from Menstruation, contact the doctor immediately.

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