Insomnia - What you should know about Insomnia and the treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia - What you should know about Insomnia and the treatment of Insomnia:
Sleeping is extremely important for our body to be refreshed and maintaining healthy photos. You may have realized that after sleep, man finds himself free from many types of fatigue and problems. So the problem of insomnia is quite serious. Insomnia, we have to face problems like fatigue, tension, headache, depression etc. Insomnia disease is usually divided into two parts - acute and chronic. Sleep insomnia for a short period of time, while keeping the insomnia that lasting for long periods or years, we keep it under chronic. We can overcome the problem of insomnia, but how? Here we are telling you some home remedies which can reduce the insomnia to a great extent.
Insomnia - What you should know about Insomnia and the treatment of Insomnia

Main Symptoms to Insomnia:

  1. Having difficulty sleeping at night
  2. Stay awake during the night
  3. Having trouble focusing on daily tasks
  4. Sleep and feel tired too early

Main Causes to Insomnia:
For the treatment of insomnia (insomnia), it is important to know and treat the causes behind it. This can be due to the events, tensions and bad habits of life that affect your sleeping patterns, however, some other causes of insomnia include:

Stress - Worrying about the family's financial status, health, school and work, if you are tired then our mind can be active too. By which sleep makes it very difficult to cause insomnia due to trauma or life incidents such as a job loss, divorce, illness or death of a loved one (and read - due to mental stress, signs and prevention measures)

Work or travel program - Changing the work shift frequently, working till the late shift, traveling in different time zones can disrupt your body's sleep cycle and lead to insomnia.

Unhealthy sleep habits - Sleep habits such as eating before sleeping, watching too much television, using your bed during work, sleeping environment is not right, reducing stimuli before sleeping, irregular sleep insomnia Can do.

Mental problems - such as post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety disorder, can also trigger insomnia.

Medicines - Some medicines used to treat medicines and blood pressure and asthma can also cause insomnia.

Other disorders - Medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Extra thyroid, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), asthma, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic pain can also lead to insomnia.

Home remedies to Insomnia:
Chamomile Tea - Chamomile tea has been used as a remedy to improve sleep since ancient times. In many of today's research, it has been observed that the APJ Sleep in it is responsible for the qualified name. So whenever you feel insomnia or feel sleepy. Take your mobile to make it taste; You can also add cinnamon and honey to it.

Fenugreek juice - By regular eating of fenugreek juice, you can remove the condition of insomnia. For this, grinding fresh leaves of fenugreek leaves should be made of juice. Mix two teaspoons of honey in two teaspoons of juice and drink it.

Apple cider vinegar and honey - Apple cider vinegar and honey do the job of breaking the fatty acids present in our body to niacin. This gives great benefit in removing insomnia. In addition honey enhances the secretion of secretions from insulin and helps in sleeping. If you mix two-two spoon organic apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of hot water, drinking it before sleeping will be of great benefit. Whether you want to add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to one cup honey, you can also take a spoon daily as a tonic.

Cumin seeds - Cumin is very beneficial in increasing our digestive power. Apart from this, it also works to repair sleep. From our ancient times, there is mention of cumin seeds in Ayurveda which promote sleepiness. For this, you can consume cumin tea or by crushing banana and mixing it with a spoonful cumin powder, take it before sleeping at night. This will give you great benefits.

Saffron - Consuming saffron is meant to enhance peace and happiness for us. If you want to use it for sleep, then add two boys of saffron in a cup of hot milk and take it before sleeping in the night. Doing this will help you to overcome the problem of insomnia.

Hot milk - In the problem of insomnia, it is most necessary that you get relief from your brain and body. Milk can do this very well. Because it contains niacin amino acids which promotes sleep. To make better use of it, add a quarter spoon cinnamon powder in a cup of hot milk and drink it 1 hour before sleeping.

Nutmeg - We use nutmeg to promote natural sleep. Announcement has sedative properties. Mix one fourth spoon of nutmeg powder into a cup of hot milk before taking it before sleeping or even a quarter spoon of nutmeg powder by adding it in a cup of hot water. In addition, adding a pinch of nutmeg powder to a spoon of amla, taking three times in the day also gives benefits in insomnia and indigestion.

Hot Bath - Better sleep than sleeping two to three hours before sleeping. It also gives comfort to the body and the nervous system. If you want to do more of it then add some drops of water to the Ramras Chamomile oil lavender oil.

Prevention Tips to Insomnia:

  1. Rescue from insomnia depends on how patients can relax themselves. Some common changes are beneficial for insomnia patients of every age.
  2. Get up at the right time and sleep at the right time.
  3. Go to sleep only when you feel like you are sleeping.
  4. Relax yourself by sleeping, it gives you relief from stress and sleeps quickly.
  5. To avoid insomnia, evening exercise is a good option.
  6. Do not keep extra items in the room with a clean room in your bedroom.
  7. Eat two hours before sleeping.
  8. Do not use mobile and internet before sleeping to avoid insomnia.
  9. The light blue light comes in early sleep, you can use it in your sleeping room.
  10. Control of emotional causes of insomnia can be found with the help of cyclist.
  11. And there are some situations in which it is necessary to take medicines for the patient, but medicines should also be taken carefully.

Ayurveda remedies to Insomnia:
Brahmi - If you have a bit more knowledge about Ayurveda then you should know that Brahmi is used to increase brain power. It is also known that sleep is linked to the brain. Therefore, the use of Brahmi gives an amazing advantage in insomnia.

Lavender - Lavender is also used in a variety of ways in Ayurveda. In many research, many of its properties have been identified. It has been found in these researches that it can be used to remove insomnia like illness. It has been shown to be particularly effective in women and youth.

Jatamansi - Jatamansi, which is particularly grown in mountainous areas, is used in making intense odor perfume. But it has been found that it also proves to be very effective in cerebral and pulmonological disorders. Although its speed of working is slightly lower but the work is accurate. For this, you get the benefit of taking a spoonful of jatamansi root with fresh water one hour before sleeping at night.

Honey - One of the traditional methods of dealing with insomnia is also that you consume milk and honey for it. Tell you that milk and honey regulates the discharge of insulin. After this, the correct amount of tryptophan is due to brain discharge. Then in the tryptophan serotonin and in the form of serotonin, changing the form of melatonin, the brain works to relax. Then your sleep sickness is cured.

Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha is counted in plants whose root, leaves and stem are all used medicinal. Ashwagandha, also being a good sapo transmitter also removes fatigue. And it is known to everyone that sleep becomes very good after getting rid of fatigue. Apart from this, there is also a solution that make a fine powder of equal quantity of sarpagandha, ashwagandha and cannabis and take 3-5 grams of this powder with water in the night while sleeping at night. This makes sleep very good.

Cungalpushpee - Due to the flowering of the conch shell, it has been given the name of Shankhpushpi. There is also a special ability to give strength to the nerves in the Cinkhuparip, which is known as a powerful and effective brain tonic. If you complain of insomnia, it is beneficial to get the leaves mixed with cumin and milk.

Basil - By the benefits of Basil, we are acquainted with our childhood. Obviously there is also a lot of medicinal properties. But it also works as an exact drug in insomnia. If you do not sleep, eat five basil leaves and keep on spreading around pillows while sleeping at night, it starts to sleep with its aroma. There is no quarrel in this place. All people here keep tulsi plant in Ghaml.

Linseed - The name of linseed is important in Rabi crops. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, fiber, lignan, vitamin B, selenium, potassium, magnesium, zinc etc. Since it is considered as FeelGood Food, because the linseed keeps the heart happy. Therefore it is also considered beneficial for the problem of insomnia. Apart from this, applying loined oil and anointing seed oil in a plate of bronze gives an advantage in the problem of insomnia.

Oregano - The medicinal properties of spices also have a lot of medicinal properties. There is abundance of health, beauty, aroma and elements that provide energy. We also use it in our various dishes. Apart from this, it is also used to remove the problem of insomnia. For this, you will have to take half a teaspoon of oysters in the morning and evening, it will end your insomnia problem.

Fennel - As spices we are also familiar with the use of fennel. There are many components of calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, etc. which keep the body healthy. It also gives its benefit in the absence of sleep deprivation. For this, after boiling 10 grams fennel in half a liter of water, when the water is half, then add some salt in it and drink it in the morning and evening, insomnia will be removed.

Note: Keep in mind that even after using such precautions and these tips, if you do not get relief from Insomnia, contact the doctor immediately.

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