Best treatment in 2019 of Hemorrhoids / Piles

Best treatment in 2019 of Hemorrhoids / Piles:
Best treatment in 2019 of Hemorrhoids/Piles
It is a condition where there is swelling in the mouth or in the nerves, rectangular inside or outside. It is due to many reasons such as family history, constipation, low fiber diet, heavy weight lifting, obesity, food allergy, lack of physical activity, pregnancy, and long standing or standing. Some common symptoms of hemorrhoids include blood clot or lid around the anus, bleeding during the bowel movement, irritability near the anus region, and the possibility of bowel, even if there is no stool.
Hemorrhoids is a very common problem. However, if left untreated and untreated for a long time, hemorrhoids may also cause complications like chronic blood loss, death of tissue and even anal or colorectal cancer. Fortunately, there are many home remedies that are effective and provide quick help. You do not need to see the doctor to get itching and pain.
Main Symptoms of Piles / Hemorrhoids:
  1. Excessive bright blood coming or coming of mucus while taking bowel movement.
  2. Feeling swelling or lumps around the anus.
  3. Itching of the anus near it.
  4. Even after bowel movement, it seems to be like keeping the stomach clean.
  5. Piles only have blood, there is no pain. If there is pain, it is because of the infection.

Main Causes of Hemorrhoids / Piles:
  1. Constipation is the biggest cause of piles. Due to constipation, many times it has to be stressed while bowel movements, and due to this, Piles complains.
  2. People whose job is to stand for too long, they may have problems with Piles.
  3. Having anal sex can also cause Piles problems. Obesity is another important reason. 
  4. Sometimes there may be Piles problems during pregnancy. 
  5. Piles can be problem even after normal delivery.

Home remedies for Hemorrhoids / Piles :
Here are some home remedies that will help you get rid of hemorrhoids / piles:
Aloe Vera - Aloe vera is the best ingredients of nature to treat hemorrhoids. Aloe vera inflammatory and therapeutic properties can reduce the incidence of hemorrhoids. Aloe vera can be used both for internal and external piles.
To treat external hemorrhoids, use a aloe vera vertically slightly insoluble and slowly massage this area. For treatment of internal hemorrhoids, cut the aloe vera leaves in the fry. Place these straps in a container and freeze them. Apply the icy cold aloe vera bar on painful hemorrhoids, to reduce the pain, burn and stimulate the itching.
Cold compression - Ice will help in tightening blood vessels, swelling will decrease and you will get relief from immediate pain. Enfold some snow in a clean cloth and apply it directly to piles area. Until the hemorrhoids go away, do it several times a day.
Apple vinegar - Due to the astringent properties of apples, semolina helps to shrink blood vessels and relieves both inflammation and burning of both internal and external piles.
For external hemorrhoids gently squeeze the ball of cotton wool absorbed in apple vinegar against the affected area. At first there will be a sensational thrill, but soon you will relieve the jug and irritation. For a pile of water, add a glass of apple cider vinegar to drink at least twice a day.
Witch Hazel - Witch Hazel's light cream and medicinal properties will help reduce the inconvenience associated with hemorrhoids. Apply a small amount of witch chestnut, which periodically affects the affected area for long-term relief.
Lemon juice - With the help of lemon, antioxidants help this situation. Apply it directly to the inflammation area or lemon juice with glucose and honey.
Olive oil - Olive oil has inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is mainly used for treating external hemorrhoids, which will help to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn will reduce inflammation and reduce the incidence of infected blood vessels.
Whole grains - Whole grains contain a good amount of fiber, which is very effective in relieving hemorrhagic symptoms and bleeding. Fiber-rich foods can soften the stool and increase its bulk, which helps in reducing stress during the Bowville Movement.
Sitz Bath - Soak your anal area 10 to 15 minutes in plain warm water two to three times a day.
Water - When suffering from internal or external piles, increase your water intake. Try to drink eight to ten cups of water daily. Drinking more of water helps to clean your inner system and hydrating of your whole body.

Buttermilk and cumin seeds - this is a great way to fix piles as soon as possible. Grind fifty grams of gram in two liters buttermilk and mix it, and whenever thirsty, drink this mixture instead of water. Tene will start showing profit within four days. Can use water instead of residue. For this, add half a spoon powder in a glass of water and drink it.
Jamun - In the bloody piles, jamun aap mango karnal is a big thing. Remove the part of the berries and mango kernels and dry it in the sun and make a powder. Take a spoonful of this powder with lukewarm water or buttermilk. Hemorrhoids will benefit greatly.

Isabgol - Isabgol husk stomach keeps the stomach clean and the hardness of the stool is low. It does not cause piles in the piles

Big Cardamom - Take 50 gram of big cardamom and fry it on a pan. When cardamom is fried, take it off from the pan and cool it down and keep it grinded. Drink water with this powder in the empty stomach every morning. The hemorrhoids will be cured soon.

Raisins - Soak 100 gram raisins in the water while sleeping at night. Burn it in water and consume it daily in the morning. This is a very beneficial recipe for hemorrhoids.

Note: If you are suffering from the problem of Piles. You should follow the above mentioned measures by following the rules.
If the above tips not working or going to use of tips too late then go for a immediate Doctor.

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