How to Cure of HERNIA within some Days, that You should know

How to Cure of HERNIA within some Days, that You should know
How to Cure of HERNIA within some Days, that You should know:
When the stomach muscles become weak, the intestines are exhausted, it is called hernia. That is, one part of the intestine comes out from a weak part of the stomach muscles. There is an abnormal bulge beneath the stomach's skin, which is under the navel. Long-term coughing or continuous heavy lifting also increases the likelihood of hernia due to weakening stomach muscles. Although it does not show any special symptoms, but some people experience swelling and pain, which can increase when standing and stretching in muscles or lifting heavy things. So, the big hernia, which is inflammation and a lot of pain, Her treatment is not possible without surgery. But once you know the symptoms of hernia, you can reduce it from home remedies.

Symptoms of Hernia:
  1. The emergence of inflammation in the abdomen after lifting a heavy object.
  2. To get the stomach out of fat or intestines.
  3. Feeling the edge of the abdomen.
  4. Flatiness, pain and heaviness in the stomach.
  5. Trouble in relieving urinary excretion.
  6. Feeling painful for long periods of sitting or sitting.

Main Causes of Hernia:
  1. On birth
  2. Growing old
  3. Getting hurt
  4. Old operation
  5. Heavy weight lifting
  6. Chronic cough
  7. Obesity
  8. Constipation
  9. Obstruction in urine
  10. Pregnancy
  11. Stomach muscle weakness
  12. Abdominal muscular disorder
  13. Hereditary

General Treatment of Hernia:
Hernia's only successful and effective remedy is available as open and laparoscopic surgery.

Hernia does not occur again in 90 percent of cases, but ten percent of people may have hernia again after the operation. So be careful as instructed by the doctor and do not hesitate to meet the doctor if you need it.

Home remedies of Hernia:
Ice magic - Treatment of ice with hernia is a very old, easy and popular remedy. Yes, putting ice on the hernia place gives plenty of relief. Swelling along with pain is also less. So why not start from today, treating hernia with ice.

Chamomile tea - Chamomile is known for anti-inflammatory properties, it is a very good natural remedy for hernia. Acidity and gas become quite bigger due to Hernia's problem. In this situation, consuming Chamomile tea is quite comforting. It cures digestive tract and reduces the process of becoming acid. If there is a problem, add one spoonful dried chamomile in a cup of warm water and cover it for 5 minutes. Then add honey to your taste in it. Take this tea intake 4 times a day.
Ginger root - Ginger root protects against gastric acid damage in the stomach. It also works in the pain caused by hernia. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties present in it, it is as effective as other things. You can consume it fluently or you can also eat raw ginger to reduce the pain and inconvenience that may occur in this situation.

Ramban muthri - In the cough and cough, the mammals act like a panacea but it is also very effective in the treatment of hernia. Hernia can damage the lining of the stomach and molecules, but the root of the moth has long been known as a stimulant for the treatment of these parts of the body. Taking the tea of ​​Muthri, the damaged tissues are cured rapidly and due to its analgesic properties, it also removes pain and swelling.

Apple cider vinegar - Apple cider is an excellent way to reduce the symptoms caused by vinegar hernia such as heartburn and acidity. Due to acidic properties, Apple cider vinegar leaves an alkaline effect on the body. Whenever you feel like acidity or heartburn, drink 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in hot water, whisk and drink.

Licorice - In cough, cough, it works like a panacea and it is also tried. Now it has proven to be effective in the treatment of hernia, especially when the lines fall after the hernia leaves, then try it.

Marshmallow - It is a wild drug that is very sweet. Its roots have considerable medicinal properties. It cures digestion and reduces the process of becoming acid in the stomach-intestine. It also relaxes in hernia.

Hawthornia - It is a herbal supplement that strengthens the stomach muscles and protects the organs inside the stomach. It is very effective in preventing hernia from coming out. Hawthornia is found in Citrus Seed, Hawthorn and Fennel.

Acupuncture - Acupuncture provides a lot of relief in hernia's pain. The pressure of hernia is lessened by the pressure on special nerve.

Prevention tips of Hernia:
  1. Never shake the affected area with warm clothes or any hot substance.
  2. Avoid exercising in hernia.
  3. Do not wear too tight and tight clothes in hernia.
  4. Place your pillow upwards of 6 inches on the bed, so that acid and gas can not be formed during sleep in the stomach.
  5. Do not eat more than once, eat light meal for a while.
  6. Do not bend immediately after eating.
  7. Stop drinking (alcohol) completely.

Note: If you are suffering from the problem of Hernia. You should follow the above mentioned measures by following the rules.
If the above tips not working or going to use of tips too late then go for a immediate Doctor.

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