Best in 2019 How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration

Best in 2019 How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration:
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Behind the success of any person, his mind is considered to be a very big role. Every person wants him to remember the old one. But we think it is not that easy. But this is very easy. The memory of man depends on his health. The brain is considered to be the most important part of our body. Because the brain is the only part in our body that controls all the organs in our body. Any person or student whose brains are fast, can never be left behind in any work. But the mind of every person is not sharp, some people have a weak mind. His memory power is so low that such people forget about anything in a while. But the person whose brains get faster, the success always gets him. Because such people remembered for a long time remembered. And we will have to elevate our thinking in order to achieve more in our life. The higher our thinking, the more we can become great. Because the successful person sees big dreams and the unsuccessful person sees very short dreams. Because this is all his brain game. Our thinking should always be positive. Because positive thinking helps the person to reach his destination. And negative thinking pushes the person backwards. There is also the saying that the losers of the mind are defeated and win the win of the mind.

If we keep good ideas in our mind for a long time then it will give positive thinking to our mind. Because the power of ideas is great and this changes our life. By the way, yadasht can weaken anyone, but most of the problem occurs after 40 years. But poor memory can also be extended. For this we have to make some things important part in our lives. How do you increase mind power through this article? How To Speed ​​Up The Mind How To Reduce Weak Memory To accelerate the memory of your brain, you will tell some home remedies that you can use to increase your mind and your children too.

Main Symptoms of Losing Memory Power:
  1. The person or student whose memory is low, forgets whatever works he does.
  2. Like the student missed the question but forgot it after a while.
  3. We get a person, he has given his name but we remember that person's face but forget that person's name. It is a symptom of decreasing memory.
  4. Many people have weaknesses that keep the glasses in their hands but keep looking at the glasses where my glasses are kept.
  5. When such a person speaks, he gets stuck in the middle of talking and now what words should be spoken next.
  6. There is a symptom of reducing all the conditions.

Main Causes of losing Memory Power:
  1. Due to lack of maintenance.
  2. Due to Anandra, Anandra means that our sleep is not complete.
  3. We can not sleep for as long as we should sleep.
  4. Due to which our memory starts decreasing because sleep has a huge effect on our brain.
  5. The person who is constantly stressed becomes also a problem of decreasing the condition.
  6. With stress all the time, the memory of the brain becomes weak.
  7. Due to the lack of nutrients in the food, the brain also has a bad effect. This weakens our mind power.
  8. By taking intoxicants, there is a bad effect on our brain. Because of which our brain power becomes weak.
  9. Due to any serious illness, our embarrassing power also weakens.

Home Remedies for Increasing Memory Power:
Almond - Almond is the most effective and popular medicine to enhance memory. Because of it being antioxidant antioxidants, it is also beneficial in enhancing our eyesight. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in almonds that boost boost our memory. Eat almonds in this way to increase memory and brain power. Soak 4-5 almonds overnight in the water. Take the peel off their peaches and grind them fine. Now heat this almond paste by putting it in milk. Mix sugar and honey according to your taste accordingly. In this way consuming it regularly will remove your forgetfulness and your brain will be faster.
Walnut - Looks like the human brain in seeing walnut. It is a very beneficial and efficient dry fruit. To speed up memory, children should feed two-three walnuts every day daily. If you want to get more profit then you should eat raisins equal to the amount of nut in the nut. Walnuts are very useful in boosting brain power. People of all ages can consume it.
Brahmi - Brahmi brahmi is a very effective medicine with many mental benefits. Brahmi is a very strong brain tonic brain tonic. Brahmi improves the power of remembering words. Taking stress and depression is less because of taking Brahmi. Take out the juice of Brahmi leaves and take two spoons three times a day. Or buy a Brahmi powder from the market and eat half a teaspoon with milk. By consuming it everyday your mind power grows very fast.
Shankhuppi - Shankpushpi is used to increase memory. Canku Pushpa is considered useful for the development of children's brain. If children persistently use the Cankulaputhi for 3 months then their memory will improve and the ability to understand learning will increase. Apart from this, consumption of conjunctivitis increases concentration and elimination of weakness. It is used in combination with Brahmi lemon sattva and water, it gives even better results.
Cinnamon and honey - By consuming cinnamon cinnamon and honey honey, our memory improves memory improves. The smell of cinnamon just increases our memory. And honey consumption is also very useful for us. If cinnamon and honey are consumed together, it gives even more good results. One spoonful of honey should be added to a spoonful cinnamon and eat it every night before sleeping.
Amla - Amla also has very effective qualities of enhancing memory. Amla disease is very effective in boosting immunity. Amla is used to cure many diseases in our body. Amla is rich in Vitamin C vitamin-C. One spoon of Amla powder should be consumed in the morning and one spoon evening. Amla's marmalade is also very good for enhancing memory. You can eat Amla's marmalade with cow's milk.
Coconut oil - Coconut oil is also very useful in increasing the jaggery. It gives strength to brain cells. Cholesterol level cholesterol levels are also lower than its intake. Coconut oil is also used in many diseases. Eating regular coconut oil increases your brain's power mind power. And you can also make your meal with coconut oil.
Basil - Tulsi is considered as a sacred plant. It is very beneficial and very revered due to the quality. Many diseases are treated with the use of basil. To sharpen the mind, 4-5 leaves of basil should be taken in the morning empty stomach. Keep in mind that basil leaves should not be chewed with coconut. Basil leaves should be cracked and consumed. If you consume basil leaves everyday, surely the power of your brain will increase, along with other diseases of the body will also be cured.
Foot Massage - Apply Indian Ghee Ghee Ghee on the soles of both feet. After garnishing the soles on the soles, it is quicker to massage the bronze utensils with bronze utensils. That is, the soles of the feet should be rubbed with a piston with a bronze vessel. Massage should be done every night before sleeping. And make sure to do at least 10 minutes daily. This is the most accurate formula for improving memory. In such a way, those children who do not remember when they are constantly studied or forget after remembering. On the massage of the soles of the feet continuously, you will see that whatever he has missed will not forget it again.
Pranayama - Through pranayama, memory power can be sharpened. Pranayama is the most natural and effective remedy. By Yoga and Pranayam, any illness of the body can be eradicated from the root. In order to accelerate the memory power, the Anloam Vilom Pranayam should be done daily. Start this practice for 5 minutes and afterwards gradually increasing the time it can be done for 10-15 minutes.
Meditation - Meditation is a very effective and accurate way to increase memory. Select a quiet place to meditate where there is no noise. Sit on the top of the posture and calm the mind with deep and long sympathy. Do not think of anything and do not think about anything when sitting in meditation. At the beginning, there will definitely be some difficulty in practicing meditation. But keep on practicing it gradually, after a few days your mind will start to meditate. Concentration will start coming in your mind, then you sit in meditation for a long time. By doing this everyday, your mind will start to relax and relax.

Important Prevention Tips of Losing Memory Power:
  1. Make a morning walk to increase memory.
  2. Sleep complete. Due to lack of sleep, we also have a bad effect on our ability to work on our brain. For children reading, it is very important to have 7-8 hours of sleep. Early in the evening and wake up early in the morning and walk in the fresh air.
  3. Always be stress free. Live your life while smiling.
  4. Consume balanced and nutritious food.
  5. Be sure to exercise physical exercise everyday. Because doing this, the body and brain get oxygen.
  6. Playing the brain game brain game should also exercise your mind.
  7. Do not panic at any task, always keep your courage strong.
  8. Maintain constant practice of writing or study.

Note: Hope, the above tips may help you and share to others also…
Kindly visit the Doctor if the problem increasing more.

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