Best Tips in 2019 How to Treat Sinusitis

Best Tips in 2019 How to Treat Sinusitis:
In today's irregular lifestyles, people can not take proper care of their health due to which they have to face many problems. Today we are going to tell you about the signs and symptoms of sinus, which most people are upset. This disease starts in the form of common cold and then increases with a bacterial, viral or fungal infection.
Best Tips in 2019 How to Treat Sinusitis
Regarding sinus disease, Dr. Vivek Verma, a nasal pediatrician in Lucknow, said that sinus is a disease in the nose. In this disease, the nasal bone also increases or skew, due to which there is trouble in breathing. The person who is suffering from this disease feels troubles in cold air, dust, smoke etc.

Dr. Vivek Verma explained that Sinus is actually a cavity filled with human body's scalp, which causes our head to lighten and bring breathable air. The air coming in to breathe goes through this pouch to the lungs. This purse prevents the dirt coming from the air, dust, and other soil. When the path of the sinus of the person stops, the way to get rid of emptiness also stops, thereby causing sinusitis. When there is a transmittance of sinus, swelling in its membrane, due to which the air filled in the membrane pots or mucus fills in it and the sinus stops. The patient starts having trouble after this.

Main Symptoms of Sinusitis:
  1. Headache
  2. Fever
  3. Exfoliate and flowing from the nose
  4. Coughing or coughing
  5. Toothache
  6. Nose white or yellow cuff
  7. Inflammation of the face
  8. No odor
  9. Sickness is replaced by pain

Investigation - The sinus problem is not a serious disease, but if the treatment is not done during the time, then the patient may have to face difficulties. According to Dr. Vivek Verma, blood is examined in connection with the other reasons of sinus sinus or MRI in addition to the City Scan or MRI to know whether the patient is suffering from this disease, so that we can find out the concrete reason for the disease.

Main Causes of Sinusitis:
Actually, there are many hollow cavities (cavities) in our head, which help us in breathing and keep the head light. These holes are called sinuses or windmasters. When there is a catastrophe for some reason in these holes, then the problem of ceson arises. These holes can be affected for many reasons and bacteria, fungal and viral make it serious. Acute sinocytes last for two to four weeks, while chronic monocytosis lasts 12 weeks or longer. By following the following points, know the most important cause of the problem of sinus:

Cold: The most common cause of sinus is cold, due to which the nose flows continuously or closes and there is difficulty in breathing. Cold is a type of infectious, which can take you through somebody else. Those who are constantly cold, they are most likely to get sinus.

Pollution: Sinus problem may also be due to pollution. People living in highly polluted areas can come early in the grip of this disease. The problem of sinus can increase due to dust particles, smog and contaminated air. These harmful particles strike directly on our breathing hose. This causes problems of colds, nose bleeding and pain. If such symptoms appear, you should go to the doctor immediately.

Allergy: It has been observed that many people are complaining about nasal allergic issues. This problem increases when exposed to outside contaminated air. Nasal allergies can also be seasonal. Such problems have been seen more during the winter. In winter, nasal bleeding, brackets of nose tubes, neck pain, volume changes, headaches, etc. are common but you do not take them. Sinus knocks with these symptoms.

Increased nasal bone: The problem of sinus is also due to the increased nasal bone. In fact, due to injury or pressure on the nose in childhood or adolescence, the nasal bone turns one side, causing the shape of the nose to look crispy. This inclination of the bone affects the nasal cavity, which can cause sinus problems. Any reason, which causes obstruction in the breathing holes, can cause sinus problems.

Asthma: Asthma is a serious respiratory disease, which affects lungs and respiratory tracts. Asthma patients do not breathe properly, for which they require a spacer. In these situations, the likelihood of the problem of sinus increases in patients. If symptoms of sinus appear during asthma, then you should immediately go to the doctor.

Food: Cure of negligence in catering can also cause sinus. Due to the uncontrolled quantity of food and the lack of nutritional elements, the digestive system is affected, which can later become the root cause of sinus problem. So eat whatever you eat, eat it carefully.

Home Remedies for Sinusitis:
Oil - Stone can be treated with various natural oils. It includes lavender, mint, lemon, pine and gray and so on. These oils are very beneficial, which gives relief from chest, nose and head massage. Regular use of these oils will greatly benefit you. These oils can be easily made in the house. Know about the methods for making lemon, mint and clove oil.
Material required:
A lemon
Olive or coconut oil (250 ml)
Recipe: To make oil from lemon, take lemon peel and mix it with coconut or olive oil in a jar and keep it in the sun for a few days.
Later, filter it with the help of clean cloth.
At the same time, you have to do something similar to making clove oil.
or else
Mint 14-15 leaves
Olive / Coconut Oil (250 mL)
Recipe: First, keep the mint leaves dry to dry.
After the leaves become dry, you chop them finely.
Now you heat olive / coconut oil and then keep it in a jar for two to four days with dried leaves.
Shake the jar in the middle, so that the leaves are well mixed with oil.
After two to four days, filter oil with the help of a clean cloth.

Apple vinegar - Apple vinegar is also a beneficial sinus drug. Apple vinegar has medicinal properties, which can help you get rid of sinus problems. Apple vinegar is an accurate home remedies. It is very easy to make apple vinegar and you can make it in your own house.
Material required: Apple pieces (one-third of jars)
Two tablespoon sugar
Clean water (enough to fill the jar)
Recipe: First you put the pieces of apple in a liter jar.
Slice two teaspoons of sugar in one cup of water.
Put the sugar on the casserole and fill it with water so that the jar is filled.
Then cover it with a clean cloth and leave it for three weeks.
Then refine it with good clothes.
Then put the filtered liquid in the same bank and leave it for 3-4 weeks. In this way you can make apple vinegar.

Lemon Balm - Lemon balm is also a curative recipe to get rid of sinus problem. It is a perennial plant of the Pudine family, whose scientific name is Melissa Officinalis. It is used for the treatment of fever, cold, or flu. Since, the problem of sinus also arises with cold and nasal symptoms, so you can use lemon balm for its redress.
Material required: One small spoon lemon balm (liquid)
Or dry leaves of one teaspoon lemon balm
One cup hot water
Lemon balm oil
Recipe: You can use lemon balm in the form of tea. To make tea, you put two teaspoons of lemon balm (liquid) or a spoonful of lemon balm into dry leaves in a blank cup.
Now put hot water in the cup.
After 2-3 minutes you can filter it and drink it.
Also, lemon balm can be used as oil. In the market you will get lemon balm oil, which you can apply on the throat and chest.

Tea - Sickness in sinus can be removed to a great extent through hot tea. Sinus symptoms and fever, nose closure, and painful pain are the starting point for this. It is often said that hot tea fades away from the cold.
Material required: Half teaspoon tea leaf
Ginger as per requirement
2 cloves
2 basil leaves
Clean water
2 tablespoon sugar
Recipe: To make tea, first put a pot of tea on the chatter / gas, then add a little more water than one cup to it.
Add a little warm water, tea, skull, gray and sugar. Remove the boiling utensils 4-5 times. Pour tea in the cup and drink slowly.
You can make basil leaves tea. For which you put two Tulsi leaves in a cup and put hot water from above.

Onion juice - You can use onion juice to get rid of sinus infection. Onion contains antibacterial properties, which are considered useful for the treatment of sinus infection. This is an effective medicine to cure sinus.
Material required: an onion
Recipe: Wash the onion in clean water and cut it.
Boil the chopped onions well in water (300 ml), so that the juice of onion dissolves properly in water.

Honey - You can get rid of the problem of sinus with some of the natural ingredients placed in the house, in which the honey is considered to be very potent. If your food and drink contain some honey, it will be beneficial for your health.
Material required: Two teaspoon honey
One teaspoon lemon juice
Recipe: Take two glasses of honey in a glass of hot water and take it in the evening.
Also, mix lemon juice with honey.

Hydrogen peroxide - To get rid of sinus, hydrogen peroxide (it is slightly thicker than the colorless chemical fluid) is considered a safe and effective medium. This is a cheap solution, for which you will not need to spend more money.
Material required: Hydrogen peroxide (one fourth of water)
Recipe: You have to add one third water and one fourth hydrogen peroxide of water in 30 mL nozz spray bottle.
In this way you can make Hydrogen peroxide nozzle at home. Such spray bottles are easily available from the market.

Tomato juice - Under the home remedies of sinus, you can use tomato juice. Tomato is an effective and easy solution to overcome the risk of sinus.
Material required: 2 tomatoes
salt to taste)
Garlic (1 bud)
Recipe: To make soup, first grind tomatoes and garlic thoroughly.
Grind tomatoes, salt and garlic thoroughly in half a cup of water.
Then cook this mixture for 10 minutes on a rifle.

Garlic - Garlic also reduces sinus infection to a great extent. You can use it in two types. Preparing a soup or taking garlic every day directly.
Material required: 4-5 garlic buds
Recipe: To make soup, you can grind the garlic buds in hot water.
Drink hot when it's hot.

Grapefruit - Under the home remedies of sinus you can choose grapefruit. It is a natural antibiotic, which is very helpful in fighting bacteria. You can use it to cure sinus.
Material required: Grapefruit juice (10 drops)
Recipe: Drink 10 drops of grapefruit juice in clear water (a big cup) three times a day.
Some drops of this are used in combination with water in the Nati character (a vessel, which is used to clean the nose by adding water), it will be of immediate benefit).

Wasabi (horseradish) - You can use wasabi under the Ayurvedic treatment of sinus. There are many disease preventive properties in it.
Material required: Root of wasabi
Recipe: To use it you cut it small and boil it in water (according to need).
Now drink this hot water like tea.
You can eat it even after sucking and sucking it straight away.

Coconut oil - You can use coconut oil to prevent sinus infection. This method is also known as Coconut Oil Puling.
Material required: Two tablespoon coconut oil
Recipe: Keep the oil in the mouth and slowly move the jaw.
Spit the oil after 10 minutes.
Do this every morning in the morning and night.

Detox Bath - You can also use the detox bath to get rid of sinus.
Material required: One cup rock salt
Half cup baking soda baking soda
6-8 drops of T-tree oil
Recipe: For this special bath you first fill the tub with light warm water.
After this, put one cup rock salt, half cup baking soda and 6-8 drops of T-tree oil in the water.
Bath with this water for 15-20 minutes (26)

Steam - The most common symptoms of sinus are cold and the name is closed, so you can use steam to get rid of them.
Material required: Lemon or basil oil (8-10 drops)
Hot water (half liters)
Recipe: For effective steam, add 8-10 drops of lemon or basil oil to hot water.
Then cover the head with a clean cloth and breathe.
Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a day.

Note: Hope, the above tips may help you and share to others also…
Kindly visit the Doctor if the problem increasing more.

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