4 Best Natural Ways For Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In 2019

4 Best Natural Ways For Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In 2019:
It is not a telling thing that fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed before cooking or eating. Eating fruits and vegetables with insecticides and insecticides keeps chances of food poisoning and other diseases.
It would be good if you wash fruits and vegetables in such a way that there is no part of the insecticide in it. Regardless of the market you can bring good greens to the market, but if the farmer has sprayed it with pesticide, you will not be able to survive far away.
These pesticides can cause cancer, as well as can cause birth defects in the infant. Eating your dirty greens will weaken your body too. Therefore, it will be better to wash fruits and vegetables with our stated methods. Let's know who are the natural ways …
4 Best Natural Ways For Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In 2019
SomeNatural ways to avoid pesticides:
Vinegar - Vinegar visible germs and insecticides can be cleaned comfortably. Put water and 1 cup white vinegar in a bowl and wash fruits or vegetables in it. When these things are washed off, keep them in a clean bowl and use them for further purposes.

Baking soda - Purifies the insecticide completely. Fill 5 glasses of water in a large bowl, then add 4 spoons baking soda in it. Now dip the vegetables and fruits in this water and after 15 minutes remove them after drying. They are safe to eat.
Turmeric water - Turmeric has antibacterial properties that destroy the germs. Mix 5 small spoons turmeric in a boiling water bowl. Then add vegetables and fruits to it. Clean them with turmeric water once and wash them with clean water.

Salt water - By using rock salt mixed with water, pesticide is eliminated. Mix 1 cup salt in a clean water bowl. Then put fruits and vegetables in it and keep it soaked for 10 minutes. After some time remove them and wash them with clean water for 5 minutes.

My Friends I hope the above tips will help you, if it will help you then please share it to others also because they may also survive from it.
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